is $10 infrared thermometer accurate?

Some time ago I bought a low-cost Infrared thermometer on Amazon for $10 and have been finding more and more uses for it. If you are worried about wasting your money as a $10 infrared thermometer can’t be very reliable I did some testing to see how accurate mine was. it only measures surface temperature, but I found it to be quite accurate for my purposes. I did not mention it in the video but the thermometer can also read Celsius values. I will post a video later this week on the many different uses people have found to use with their infrared thermometer.
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Gerardo G Aguilar says:

You are testing the glass not the water

cybersphere says:

According to the ones I’ve looked at, they’re accurate +/- 1.5 degrees C

That's a Wrap says:

Awesome! I want one but I can’t think of what I’ll use it for. But $10 you can’t beat that. You’re so crafty I’m surprised you use paper towels. I quit using them a few months ago.

Medical Doll says:

I just bought one from amazon, the Meknic DT8806C Forehead Digital Thermometer. I’m an EMT and wanted one to use on pts that didn’t need to touch the pt, but two degrees is a significant difference that would alter my treatment. I wish there was an actually accurate medical one but I haven’t been able to find any.

uttara 10 says:

how long distance from an object it can measure accurately?

Timothy Aguilar says:

Harbor Freight??

umeng2002 says:

Not that model, but mine is a consistent 2 to 3 degrees cold. As with all instruments, you need to calibrate/ test them.

TheZizzly says:

Costs less than $7 from China including postage.

Peter Sprague says:

Bought mine at Home Depot

YuppieTrash Mike says:

nice test.

Fernando Brito says:


Ms.Docileone says:

you are not abnormal as you implied, lol, under-arm temps are usually slightly below oral temps. (former nurses aid)

leadweight guy says:

Yeah, these are a great tool. Looking for your multi use video you mentioned (24 uses) have you posted the video yet?

Martin Z says:

If youre getting money from amazon i dont trust your review. Simple as that.

BCtruck, rebuild, repair,repurpose says:

Ok. Gonna go get one now.

Andy Pugh says:

I’m glad you mentioned surface temperature. I was had a discussion with a retired engineer who was dismayed that his local fish and chips (fries) shop had started to use an IR thermometer rather than an immersion thermometer to get the temperature of the oil on safety grounds. He was most put out that the chips did not taste as good. A failure to calibrate by the shop owner led to dissatisfied customers.

dymondwillow2 says:

“I’m not normal”…. and you did not sound surprised!

thecriss88 says:

Laboratory thermometer and Fahrenheit… ‘Murica

DFW rider says:

glass has a slightly different emmisivity than these are tuned for, and the glass is an insulator which is being heated by the air outside the container. the temperature being close doesnt mean much.

these are fairly accurate, but the method displayed here needs a little more work. also, where is the footage of you using it on a pan of boiling water?

Blakehx says:

Very cool I’ve actually been looking at getting one! My temperature and resting heart rate run very low, it always scares doctors hahaha! I’m usually a little over 96F and like 40 – 45bpm but my blood pressure is pretty normal… IDK! Thanks for another great video! God bless!

lifeinthailand says:

That is a cool toy, can’t wait to see what you use it for, the next video could be interesting. lol

Barry Wind says:

I have four thermometers and four different temperatures!

andrew srenson says:

98.0 degrees!…way too low, you’re a lizard!

jenifer cronin says:

umm… just got my ir thermometer… umm how do i MOUNT the BATTERY…instructions dont say WHERE to put battery…help

Ken Chau says:

It is not accurate, is it?

Dr. Dispenser says:

I have the same one but it was 30 bucks…

saltyshellback says:

The most accurate way to use that ir thermometer is to put a small patch of electrical tape (about a 3/4″ piece) and let it normalize with whatever it is stuck on and then take a reading of the tape. That will give you the most accurate reading because the electrical tape has very high emmissivity and very low reflectivity so you have low interference from surrounding light and heat reflection….that is your geek tip of the day 😉

ricoaztec1 says:

$10?? They must have mispriced it.. the cheapest are like $70.

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