Pinky Filters Review Here Is Why I Love Them

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Gustin Gariano says:

just ordered one to try it out hopefully it ships fast!

DylansCoinsandFish says:

im totally going to buy this! thanks so much !

Hindsight Aquatics says:

Haven’t tried them yet, but I think I will!

Corey Corey says:

these are the best, been using them for years on my turtle tank and fish tanks

Rob Fern says:

I get “pillow floss” from wallymart. works great.

Linh Nguyen says:

I’ve tried the pink, but prefer the blue/white.

Craig Woodhull says:

Woody’s Discus

Just changed my filter pads in my 2217 as I was cleaning the filter Wound n’t you know it I was out of my fine pads!!!! Luckily I had a new bag of floss from a craft store. This Pinky filter media will make pads for days.

Thanks for the vid !!!!!


Would they be stiff enough to use in a hamburg matten filter?..I am asking because I use currently use poret foam which is 7cm thick..I am guessing you could use a couple of pieces together for extra rigidity? There is not enough good videos on HMF … they are one of the most simplest and effective filters out there…and so cheap to run as they only need an air pump….I use one on my planted tank with no other filtration and have crystal clear clean water…..Just had a look at the ebay site….the product is a good fair price..but postage to Australia is the killer ..$20 + $9 for each additional roll…

Eric Orlando says:

I use it in my sump on my hob Marineland 350 with refillable cartridges(replace ea. 2 months) , I also use it on top of my 200 micron mesh filter sock in my freshwater sump… I now use it in my inTank media basket in my jbj 12 nano reef….(replaced weekly) This stuff is awesome, and has saved me a ton of money, and is way more effective than pillow stuffing. Purchased on eBay from PinkyFilters for $6.75 per roll + 4.99 shipping. Just cut to fit and replace when needed.

wakingup2010 says:

I’ve been using these for 2 years on over the back filters on a 50 gallon tank for 3 very large goldfish and am very pleased with them. Very economical!!

Rush Stroup says:

Look can’t wait til I get mine looks like a great product

wyzemann says:

THANK YOU MA FishGuy! I purchased PinkyFilters based on your original review months ago, and I’m hooked. You’ve shown the perfect HOB filter to demonstrate the versatility of this amazing mech filter. I’m using it in my Aquaclears, Penguins, Aqueon and Marineland 280 (inside the included cartridge). The vast amount of detritus that gets trapped in this thing, the resulting polished tank water, and the ideal thickness all combine to make this the most superior mechanical filter with the best price. I’m still using the same 10′ roll since almost a year ago across 6 aquariums.

BigDawg187211 says:

Just ordered a roll for my Aqueon filters! Thanks for the review! Now I’m excited to use this product!

NYCity Cichlids says:

I need some of that.

Alma Castro says:

I have an awesome sponge filter very similar but blue. works the same way. First time I have heard of pinkys.

Rush Stroup says:

Got a question I hear a lot of people on both sides of the fence on this subject but what’s your opinion on turning off filters during feeding???


Something I had to say!!!! I been using “CRAFT FELT” for years and it works very, very good. I use it in all my tanks and all my out side ponds, I have two ponds 3000 gal and a 5000 gal. and 7-tanks from a 5-gal. to a 125 gal. It comes in sheets of 9×12 and cost .23 at Wallmart. Look for it in the craft Dep. at WALLMART and save yourself some money.

Ryan D says:

Think i ordered the wrong damn one on E-bay

John Smothers says:

pinky filters they are great use it in all my filters.

coolwater411 says:

Where you buy it at?

Corey Corey says:

plus you can split the center of them open and fill them with carbon and then sew them up for super cheap carbon and mech filtation

HalfMan HalfCichlid says:

I used the Pinky Filter material for a couple years and was quite satisfied. I did notice that the pink layer clogged first, and the water would work it’s way around the material. Given this I tried Puro-Kleen Kleen-Guard Pond & Aquarium Filter Media (Amazon and buy direct from Filter-Guru), and found it to have a much higher dirt holding capacity, and will not clog nearly as readily as the pinky filter material. I would encourage aquarists to try this option too. Hope this helps

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