Reefgrrl Keeping It Real: Should You Trust Your Aquarium Thermometer? HANNA CHECKTEMP

I’ve wasted a ton of money on thermometers over the years, and never found one that I could rely on…..until now!

Hanna CHECKTEMP can be found here:


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Reefgrrl Keeping It Real: Should You Trust Your Aquarium Thermometer? HANNA CHECKTEMP


curious reefer says:

Cool stuff I’m its definitely in my future plans.thank you for this.

Dave's Nano Tanks says:

I almost pulled the trigger on this checker but then I saw the new salinity probe also has built-in temp. Waiting on a review for that. And did all those thermometers hit the trash in one take LOL

Andrew McKay says:

Nice vid, most of us are guilty of “set and forget” when it comes to temp (the alarm will go off if something goes wrong, right?). Hanna make some great bits of kit, their Alk/Kh tester saved my sanity. The plunger in the syringe would always get stuck when doing titration then dump too much reagent into the mix 🙁

ATF intheHouse says:

Using two or three Chinese digital thermometer for $2-$4 a piece in the tank gives enough safety for accuracy.

420reefer says:

I got one on order from BRS. us reefers need to start holding manufactures to a higher standard, when it comes to probes and testing. I love the HANNA products.

Reefkpr says:

Great video. Didn’t even know Hanna had this. I ordered the Hanna Temp/salinity probe and hope its as accurate as the standalone. OXO makes a digital therm that seems to be fairly accurate. I recently purchased a VERY small heater thats set for 78 F to use when acclimating fish and coral. The temp drop during an hour acclimation is significant.

B's Reef says:

Love my checktemp! I use it to keep my apex in check and making sure my new water is right when doing a water change

Carlos23 says:

Nice review

Murphy's Aquatics says:

Very nice. They are great all the way around. One piece that works well with these are the inkbird controllers. Since you can calibrate the inkbird to the same temp as the Hanna check temp

Annie Jefferson says:

Get a turkey thermometer as back up. Lol. Meet thermometers are awesome. It’s Hardy if ya drop it. Bet mom still has hers. Lol.

Annie Jefferson says:

Oh kids ear thermometers. Doesn’t have to be crazy money. I hear ya on wasted equipment. I test top and bottom temps.

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