Review: Seneye Reef Aquarium Water Monitor for Reef and Planted Tanks

This morning the Seneye saved the life of all the shrimp in my shrimp tank, I got a warning text saying my temp had dropped when I went and checked my heater had died so luckily i had a spare one lying around.
Understanding what is happening inside your aquarium is vital to ensuring that the aquatic life remains healthy. This revolutionary water monitoring device allows you to continuously track the changes in the water parameters, alerting you to the problems before they affect the fish. Protect your fish with a seneye monitor.

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Ryan Forshaw says:

great video, I just purchased one of these a couple of days ago so this video will be really useful. You also have a great planted aquarium! although is the pH of 8.0 not to high for a tropical aquarium or does the Driftwood help maintain thisKumar

Planted Tank UK says:

Thank You, yeah im not a big fan of using backgrounds i like the feel of it being an open space, i find backgrounds tend to make the tanks feel enclosed


Fantastic review, looks pretty simple, glad it detected your heater problem before it really became an issue, well explained as always Thank you for sharing :o)

captainhelmet69 says:

Really good product review sounds goof


Great review thanks

Aquascaping the World by BM says:

looks like a great product, good job with the review

piano etudes says:

Did you graduate from Arizona university

Planted Tank UK says:

That i have to say is a question nobody can answer as every setup is different. The main issue is people have lights on for far too long. My lights are on for 6 hours a day. The time i have them on is when im going to be there to enjoy the tank. Weekly water changes are a must. Its all about balance, i still suffer from algae blooms every now and again. It disheartening but each time i learn from what might have gone wrong.

Planted Tank UK says:

no i tend to have all lights off but they do look good with moonlights onand its something i may get in the future

John Kennedy says:

wait, I thought the sensors were good for a year.. are you saying sensors need to be replaced roughly on a monthly basis??

sugardippedtitz says:

I only want it for the par meter..good price

Daniel Clegg says:

I’ve been waiting for some one to get one of these, I really considered getting one when they first came out. Great review as always.

Ryan Forshaw says:

thanks for that, I look forward to seeing what you do with the aquarium when you return from your holiday. Do you use LED lights to prolong the viewing period?

icedsolid says:

100% accurate? Right…

Planted Tank UK says:

it stores the data on the device itself then you can connect to the pc every few days and it will upload the data

Robert Mcfagan says:

If you plug the device into the plug adapter how does the data get to the website

kentyboy1951 says:

Absolutely flawed, having to have a PC connected 24/7 is nonsense, people want to access this device out & about, who on earth would leave the house for any duration with a PC left on?. OK Seneye have now addressed this but for the non wifi box another £100. The Seneye servers are woefully slow, it’s a toy no more, experienced fishkeepers will scoff at this!

almcloud says:

very interesting !!!

Ryan Forshaw says:

yes I see what you’re saying, six hours per day doesn’t seem very long, you use LEDs strips with blue moonlight when the lights are off? I religiously do was the changes so this is no problem. 🙂 I think after seeing your tank I may need to get the planted aquarium 🙂 now I need to think where I can put it with the other three aquariums. Keep up the great work please keep posting videos of your reviews

cutehampstead says:

Very interesting, I was looking at one of these this afternoon in my local fish store. After seeing your video I’ll buy one this week. Thanks

Ryan Forshaw says:

thanks for the reply. great to see that you’ve managed to get the pH down to about seven which as I’m sure you know is a perfect water quality. I consider getting a planted aquarium but for some reason all the plants get covered in algae? Is this because there is not enough plants to take all of the nutrients out of the water?

German Silva says:

Great review. Thank you!
I was deciding whether to get this device or not. Thanks to you I’ll purchase it.
Any new development since you bought it?
Again, thank you. I even subscribed to your channel.

marcvz says:

Great review – thanks. My question in regards to the Seneye is, why do they need to use slides to measure ph when we have digital sensors for performing this function?

If Seneye could incorporate a digital ph sensor and completely do away with using consumables i would purcahse one for each of my tanks.

Planted Tank UK says:

the PH of my tap water is 8 so i tend to leave it like that and i dont seem to have many problems. In my shrimp tanks i have started using RO water with Bee Shrimp Mineral GH+ this tends to drop the PH to about 7.

Planted Tank UK says:

mine come on at 4pm and go off at 10pm, generally 6-8 is the maximum lighting period you should have. When i get back from my holiday to florida in febuary im going to break my 4ft tank down and do something new 🙂

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