ViaAqua Quartz Aquarium Heater Review

50 watt heater-
100 watt heater-
300 watt heater-
Titanium models:
100 watt-
300 watt-


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Hades161 says:

I think a head to head, Eheim vs ViaAqua would be a stellar thing to test over time. So many reviews and reviewers can be bought and paid for these days.  

Brian's Fish Tanks says:

These are great heaters, especially for the price.  I’ve got about 15 of them running in my fish room these days. I also have some of the titaniums.  I switched over to these after having horrible luck with the Eheim Jagers.  Better heater, better price. 

Ralph John Bacanto says:

Is this okay for 2.5 gal aquariums?

njw1383 says:

Hi Mike, did you get my message the other day? I answered your questions.
Nice review by the way. I love how your vids always look so professional

Michael Brameyer says:

Good heater for the price… My basement is always cold so I always get the higher watt model.

Matthew Gallagher says:

i have one of these but it keeps shutting off. it doesnt even warm the water

Hindsight Aquatics says:

I had one of these go out on me after about six months. I still think they are decent heaters tho, I may have just gotten a lemon. I too have switched almost all my tanks to the titanium version and they r working much better. Had one on my 75g for over a year now with no issues.

KaijuCinema says:

I’ve had issues with my aqueon glass 50 watt. It got condensation in it. I am returning and replacing it with a new one. Do you have any tips that will make sure the next on is successful? I’ve seen you don’t submerge it all the way. Is that something I have to do?

tony mcgahee says:

Finally no guess work

HalfMan HalfCichlid says:

After 50+ years in the hobby, and having had major fish losses due to heater failures, I will only buy Eheim heaters.  Just not worth taking the risk since heaters are life or death when they do not work.  All brands fail eventually, except eheim in my experience.  Check Amazon reviews that support this, and I recommend not taking a chance to save a few bucks or have some fancy features.

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