Wanna Cycle Your Tank In 1 to 3 Days Here’s How!!

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Buy Culture Plus By Matrix Aquatics:

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This is what culture max is all about – Culture Max is a revolutionary LIVE biological filter media that will enable you to cycle your aquarium in 1 to 3 days. Our high performance biomedia is cultured using our patented Advanced Live-Matrix technology and will remain potent for 2 years from the date of culture. Culture Max can be used to establish new aquariums or to boost your existing aquarium’s biological filtration.

Here is what Culture Plus is all about Culture Plus Freshwater 16oz is created using our Advanced Live-Matrix Technology and contains the same powerful blend of nitrifying bacteria as Culture Max.
Available in 16 ounce, 1 gallon, and 5 gallon sizes.
Culture Plus is a live nitrifying bacteria product in a bottle designed to cycle new aquariums by culturing your existing biological media.

Culture plus:
Resolves ammonia and nitrite issues.
Should be used after cleaning your aquarium or after a water change.
Re-establishes the nitrifying bacteria in your aquarium after using aquarium medications.
Clears up cloudy water.
Reduces sludge.
Creates a cleaner, healthier, more natural environment.
You should always have a bottle of Culture Plus available to use as part of your routine maintenance or in the event of a rise in ammonia or nitrite.


DebTim A CANADIAN Girl says:

Great info… thanks for posting. This is something many people have no clue about. You explained it well… 🙂

We gamer never forgive never forget we are legion says:

can I do this mid cycle

Outdoor Nut says:

Has anyone ever heard of, retail or individual, who sells already cycled tanks?  Of course they would be selling the established bio bacteria in the filter.  But was wondering if this market has been taped into.  Would be interesting.

Rotter Tube Reef says:

great video. I use seachem stability. If you have another tank, which I do, I float a sponge in the other tank for a month or so, then place it in the new aquarium. Instant bacteria.

Matt James says:

must be cold indoors, time for a new heating system.

Gavin S says:

How long are you dependent on the product before your tank is cycled ON IT OWN?

Daniel Araya says:

I have never used beneficial bacteria at all – cycled the “natural” way with just hardy fish – and I don’t have problems with cloudy water, ammonia spikes, or anything. So why would you have to keep using beneficial bacteria all the time? That doesn’t make any sense. If you have built up a colony of beneficial bacteria in your biological filter media – it makes no sense to have to keep dosing your tank with more of that stuff all the time.

Russell Gallette says:

Be careful MAfishGuy…. Starting to loose credibility with the constant sales pitches and endorsements…kinda hard to take anything you say serious when you are telling everyone “you can’t beat it” and “check them out” and “I’ll put a link in the description” twice a day. Just a heads up homie. I subbed to the channel before you started my aquarium box and am a monthly customer of my aquarium box FYI and think that service is legit. Just letting you know the vibe that’s coming off…. Do what u will. Stay true.

shaladida123 says:

by the time you order these online and for it to arrive, your shit will already be cycled heh

Pa. Fish Preacher says:

what is the shelf life after it is opened?

NickHanegraaf Vlogs says:

Can i just remove and add water every few days???

Cole Schramm says:

I’m a big fan of Seachem’s Stability. We’ve been using it for years with great results. Hopefully, this product provides the same outcome.

Ruben says:

Does that product says to add that right away or wait for the chlorine to evaporate. I like to use Fluval Cycle when I do a big water change. weekly 5ml per 10g. Thanks for sharing.

galaxy star says:

So I add tetra Safe start and water conditioner only for a 10 gallon?

MrLife Hacks says:

Can you Shortly tell what i need to use to cycle it in few days
and should i not change the water untill i get to fish inside it

quepiid says:

The only ones that worked for me was tetra safe start for freshwater. And bio spira for salt. But I only add it 24 hours after tank setup. (To make sure the conditioner doesn’t mess it up) but you don’t need it keep using it like it says. Just once.

O Gee says:

thanks for the help would you be able to check out my channel and subscribe back thanks

AQUA NUT says:

only thing about this product i dont like is that you have to keep using it. Other products on the market are a one time thing. Still interested to see if it works though. im a sucker for testing new products.

Keith says:

This will be interesting. I’ve always been sceptical of these starter kits. I’m using one at the moment to cycle a marine system and I’m on day 5 and I am reading Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate. As far as I’m concerned to get a Nitrate reading in a couple of days is good going. I only dosed once and haven’t added further suggested doses as experience tells me any more Nitrite will hinder cycling.

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