What is the recommended temperature for a reef tank?

Keeping your reef’s temperature in the “safe zone” is best. If your home gets too cold or too hot, a small window of a few hours gives you time to correct the situation. Try not to keep it way too low or way too high – find that sweet spot and set up cooling and heating accordingly. I prefer 78-80°F as my target temperature range. Here are some links to the things I mentioned:
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A big huge thank you to all of you for your support. Your messages, gifts, cards, donations and purchases at melevsreef.com are greatly appreciated. This surgery was pretty stressful because I didn’t know how it would work out, and not having to worry about surviving the recovery period makes a huge difference. The positive feels you sent helped immensely. And ice cream. Lots of ice cream. 🙂


Dennis Groeneweg says:

The best reef information on youtube I allways like listening to you others are quit hard to follow. Greeting from holland

ken gazall says:

nice product i need a new heater

Lunar Mike says:

I have a Nuvo 16 with a larger return pump and it stays at about 80 degrees. I have suspected it was the pump creating heat because my heater is turned way down. Lighting is a 150 Kessil Ocean Blue and has minimal heat.

I know this video is a few years old but it helped me out and I will be looking for a new pump. Thanks.

Kerstin DeRolf says:

I had a discussion with a fellow reefer this summer and based on this discussion, raised my tank temperature to 79.  Since then, my corals actually seem to be happier, and in the summer this temperature is much easier to keep.
I do wonder – since my heaters are in the sump, and the hose running water to the tank is not insulated, if raising the temperature another degree would help the tank stay warmer – the temperature is actually measured in the sump…

Also, very glad to hear you are recovering from surgery – hope it truly helps you out!


will pray for you

TitanWerx says:

Hello, I’m a new subscriber and could use the heater for a new frag tank I’m setting up!

Steve Youknow says:

Id love a neotherm bc it would be the first quality heater iv ever had and it would be the perfect heater for my new 93g cube build

GettAreef says:

I’m glad you’re back and feeling better! Thank you for the additional Safety Stop with my order I placed (Cyano RX and Vortech holder, although now I see you are coming out with a new, sleeker holder!!). I run the temp in my tank same as yours, 78-79 (but I cheat as I have a chiller if it gets warmer). I’d love to win a Cobalt heater! They are some of the better heaters around

Fred Beer says:

Hey hope you’re doing well. I had a couple of questions do you think ich can survive in frozen food? The reason I ask is that I have my fish in QT for six weeks now and I want to eradicate ich from my system and wouldn’t want all the hard work to be wasted by a piece of frozen food.

The Saltyphish says:

As always a great video.

Incloud Design says:

What thermometer is the one in this video? At the beginning

Jeff Brown says:

Thank you for the ever needed information. i started watching for learning this new hobby, now the whole family watches with me. very helpful

Sailing Free At Last says:

your videos are great!! you can check out my videos if you want

Mark Stewart says:

I hope you’re feeling ok now. I’ve been watching your videos for a while and just finally set up an account so I can comment on them.

ST1Doppelganger says:

Hope you heal up quickly from your surgery.

I could desperately use the neotherm heater since I’m using a garbage preset tetra aquarium heater on my nuvo 16 gallon foam rock wall build and need to get a good reliable heater for it since it will be a sps tank.

Joshua Jurgens says:

are you gonna do some videos soon liking the videos you put out

Rich Knop says:

Starting up my first 75g saltwater tank and a 100w Cobalt Neo-Therm would be a perfect addition to making sure my new tank can maintain the stable temp necessary.

Shahin Ruyani says:

Because my old heater recently cooked the tank at 90′ F.

Bradford Mummford says:

Hi Marc, I noticed your reefing books behind you in this video. I have aquarium corals by Eric borneman, what others would you really recommend for great reef reading? Thanks

Ken Rosecrans says:

what temp. device is that…i need one for my reef

Curtis Ness says:

Great Vid!

Rakhu Rakhu says:

Where did you place your Apex temperature reading? And did you place your thermostat in your sump or in the main tank?

GrizFyrFyter says:

Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

orange crushz28 says:

My aquarium 2 clowns only heater messing up 72…degrees will they be ok till i get new heater

Jenn Helenek says:

I live in New England. I need warmth in my life more than anything. This would be so awesome to help keep my oceanic friends in my 2′ x 2′ inland sea warm and toasty throughout our brutal winters. I will be able to live vicariously through them, whilst dreaming of SCUBA diving in January. Thanks for the awesome reviews!

Amanda Estes says:

Nothing too exciting here..  My heater has just become more and more unreliable over the last 3 years in my 65 gallon. I would love to have something I could count on.  Especially living here in storm alley where we lose power often and have to switch to a generator to run the tank.

Kito says:

electrical bill is a killer in my country. with all year at 29’c to 35’c.
is there a brilliant way to cool the room down without using the ac?

Zac Jordan says:

Glad to see your doing better! Hope your corals recover as well as you.

Veronica Parra says:

thumbs down for the dumb intro sounds

dwittster says:

I could really use a nice quality heater to keep things steady!

David Curl says:

I am very new to having a saltwater tank, i have a question about temps. I have a 45 gal tank running at 79°F. I just purchased a Kenya tree frag and a Zoanthid. From what i have found so far the Zoanthid should be kept at 72-78°F. Will they be ok in my tank. thank you!

eric j says:

I need a neotherm, I have never had a thermometer that was acurate or a heater that worked well maybe because quality products are costly, and pricey pieces are hard to come by on a budget love the videos.

Partrick S says:

I looked at your Ts but you have nothing above 2x 🙁 …… Too bad there’s nothing for the fatties in America….

viper4hdz says:

my tank is currently stabilized at 82.2 degrees Fahrenheit. is that safe if i wanted to add clownfish or anemones? ps. setting up my first saltwater tanks. please help me.

Virtual Everything says:

I really like, that your intro is like 5 times louder than the rest of the video.

Luis Rodz says:

Mi 40 gallon is at 90 degrees I live in Puerto Rico no AC where the tank is so a chiller is my only option. The tank is cycling so no animals are in danger.

Mick Hicks says:

love your vids.can you tell me the electronic thermometer in this video please.Hope your better.

cirquedallas says:

great video and looking good!  yes…of course I need a Neo-Therm, who doesn’t?!   Hmmm…may need an Apex next!

Reagan Ho says:

I live in a tropical area near Indonesian peninsula and… we just had to use chillers to reef keep no other options tnx for advice! I currently keep my tem at 77degrees

GrizFyrFyter says:

I try to keep mine around 80. I get better coral growth at that temp but anything over 82 and I get more algae growth

szman167 says:

I have SPS and shoot for 77.2

Lisa Foster says:

My friend wants to start a freshwater planted aquarium as a start back into keeping fish. I’m helping her get started and that heater mentioned on FB would be very helpful for keeping her fish safe (knowing her…she’s gonna get attached!!)

cobergas says:

I need the neo therm to make things warmer. 🙂

Northern Reef Systems says:

Hey Mel, So I have had my tank running for a bit over 6 weeks… somehow i thought it was more.. I have 2 clowns, 2 Bangai Cardinals. and 9 corals. Hammer, Torch, Star Polyp, Mushroom, Tyree Neon green Leather, Toadstool Leather and 3 Acrapora’s on the top rock. The last 2 days I have got Diatoms…… they are covering my sand and glass, I’ve cleaned them off the glass.. will they go away?
Ive done 15% water changes weekly..and will keep doing that…

Jake Speed says:

Glad to see you back and feeling better, I’m upgrading my BioCube 29 to a JBJ 45RL and need to buy several things, the Neo-Therm Heater is top on my list. The Glass heater on my BioCube 29 broke last week.

Marshall Elliott says:

I need the heater like I need a hole in my head. And that’s what she said, so obviously I need it!

Timur says:

No more vids? =(

John's Aquatics says:

Is 80-81 degrees okay?

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