10 helpful ways to use versatile MJ pumps for your reef tank

http://goo.gl/sjcHpw We’ve found so many helpful ways to use these pumps at home and around the office that we decided to put together a list of our Top 10 favorite ways to use MJ pumps to show you just how awesome and versatile these little pumps can be!

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Jeffry Johnston says:

I use my MJ pump to mix saltwater and refill my tank during water changes.

The Ninja Film Company Vidioanimations says:

You missed 2. Powering an under gravel filter plate..and powering an over head trickle filter. But wait!.. MJ pumps don’t have the extra outlet nozzle do they! Just the one outlet? Hmm back to the drawing board?

Fred Garcia says:

I guess they’ll work for some uses when adding something as an afterthought or something that is temporary, but I find that they need frequent cleaning and can Be very noisy. I’d be most likely to use it as a weight to strap a piece of nori onto and drop it into the aquarium.

epicnas12342 says:

Great video, quick question is cobalt the equivalent to aquael over here in Europe?

Brandon Chacin says:

first comment

TezNorth says:

I never knew I could use them as wave makers. That would have saved my a small fortune. I know for future now thanks.

Guillermo Corleto says:

nice video Thanks

Alex Arroyo says:

out of this matter what do you suggest for a 2500lts pond?

JamesCrowonline says:

This pump is everything he says it is, I am using in in my 75gal tank where its runs day by day with no problems. I would suggest buying a magnetic mount as I had problems with the suction cup mounts falling off, other than that is is a great buy for your tank.

p.n. mohana Sundaram says:

sir im using VS 210F I LOST THE adjustment knob of the outlet pipe now bubble flow is high . how to control ?

Aaron Le says:

Great video.

lance asbury says:

Every MJ pump I get is very noisy. Cobalt has sent me replacement impellers and still noisy. I have several of these pumps and I just use 1 to mix saltwater.

Moti Nowrangi says:


Kenzie Jeanine says:

Thank you SO MUCH for this video! I just got my MJ-600 in the mail and had no idea what parts to use on it to use it with a wavemaker, and your video is the only place I found an answer

bob beas says:

I use an mj1200 to suck out the air in HOB syphon tubes

Alex Arroyo says:


David Beecroft says:

the only one of these things the MJ pump does best of any of these things is powering a reactor … everything else has a much better solution than using an MJ pump

Omar the Dead Aziz says:

can it auto rotate?

Oscar Manzano says:

will this aerate the water in a saltwater tank

woooloowoooloo says:

I just ordered a Cobalt MJ600 for my 40 gallon planted tank. Can I attach a hose from my CO2 tank (with a control valve of course) directly into the aeration hose of the pump to inject CO2 into my freshwater tank?

Anthony Cassey says:

I just started my saltwater nuvo 20 gallon tank and I wanted to know what is the pump good for?

Timothy Cline says:

At 1:50 the pump is hard plumbed to a reactor. What are the fittings used to connect the pump? I’m primarily interested in the intake. Are they push connects? If so I’m having a hard time finding 3/4 inch push connects.

Edmundo Estrella says:

Muy buenos videos pero los podrán traducir a español

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