All Pond Solutions 200IF Internal Aquarium Filter Review

Im back again with another review, this time its the All Pond Solutions 200IF Internal Filter

This is a very small profile filter that is ideal for moving water around your small tanks. Its a steal at £7.99 including free shipping.

Low price, great quality

I love doing reviews to help out budget conscious fish keepers and will continue to review everything i can.

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سامر محمد says:


jose gutierrez says:

for extra filtration you can put carbon inside de sponge filter

MegaDanbar says:

great video, iv got that same filter for my tank works perfectly and until watching this I had no idea you could adjust the venturi for more oxygen.they say you learn something new everyday, so thanks

Planted Tank UK says:

i have heard from a few people recently that quality has gone down and not as relaible as they used to be. I cant comment myself as the stuff i have bought is still working great

Anthony sheen says:

Thanks, bought this, it had no instructions so your demonstration was great!

DeepFriedFuzzball says:

I have to say, that would be ideal for a nano tank, and I mean nano. You can get little 12L set ups and that would be perfect for one of those. You could quite easily put some small ceramic media into the hole in the sponge too, and it would be plenty enough for the kind of tank this would go in! I have just got the 250L per hour corner filter after watching your video. It’s great! Going in a little 25L nano tank. Great video!!! 🙂

Trevor Shaw says:

I bought an aquarium off them and a £80 2000EF+ External aquarium filter with built in UV system, after about four months the filter started to blow fuses and I contacted them because it was still under guarantee. They have no phone no that you can contact them unless you are ordering something and even then you have to leave your phone number and they will ring you back. You can Email them but will get no response if they think it may cost them money.

Arya C says:

Just came here to learn how to use it lol!! Which nozzle would you say is better for aeration, the spray bar or the Venturi?

aliciacb8284747274 says:

I just bought this for filtering my QT tank please tell me this sponge doesn’t contain or work like activated carbon?

Angela Walton says:

thanks for that , it’s bought the 600 version and now know how to work the venturi properly 🙂


Can get in india

daz says:

that was a review? hhhm more like an opinion!! wtf was u expecting fir £7.99 ?? GOLD go cheap get crap even the meerkats on corrie could tell you that

Admirable says:

J.N.E.R.C. HHHH ]-:


Great little filter, would love that option for the spray bar on my filter too, but sadly it didn’t come with that option, but that was a really great review Thank you !!

g Ber says:

Hey man,if you attach the spray bar to it,does it still filter? Or just pushes arround the water?? Tnx

sebastian sepulveda says:

viva chile ctm



Nikos Asimos says:

Thank you very much for this video. I now know how to use it!

dilwich123 says:

Thanks 🙂 I bought this and the instructions were useless.

J Af says:

Can we re use the sponge – give it a wash? or will I have to re buy it again if so after how long? 🙂 thanks

harish baikunthi says:


jack jones says:

thank you very helpful


*”Cheap & easy”* Co2 system: get a 2-3 liter of *PLAIN UNFLAVORED* seltzer- stick that venturi tube through a hole in the bottles’ cap, with the venturi regulator *under the inside* of the cap, *ABOVE* the liquid surface. Place bottle in your cabinet, cap on tight. The fluid dynamics of the water flowing through the nozzle will draw the Co2 out. Use the regulator to adjust amount of Co2 you need. 2 or 3 liter should last- undisturbed- quite a while.

WarSpiritUK says:

so what shtt point of a filter with only mechanical filtration? how do i get my biological and chemical filtration?

donna hart says:

will it fit in my 2 gallons fish bowl it’s a brum glass large?

Madd71 says:

I have one of these and the air pipe just lets water out. Am I doing something wrong?

Big Bass4dayz says:

Is it good for turtles???

辦公室610 says:

i rather purchse power head and DIY internal filter

Si says:

But I have a misunderstanding. Is not dangerous if you put the cable in the water? I mean …. electrocution or something?

Bethel Mini Horses says:

How safe are these from electrocution?

Spencer Suckling says:

Can you do a review of the 1200IF please

Victorio Garcia says:

What’s the plastic pipe for ? Not the one that allows the water to come out but the elastic one

Joshua Talavera says:

is this a good filter for its price ? or not really just for the flow movement?

phosphate says:

i hate their products it seems as if they have taken another brands product made it look different and then put their name on it

Richard Batsbak says:

never put your hands in the water when its plugged in you can die

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