AquaMaxx Magnus DC Water Pumps by Sunpole: Strong, Quiet and Reliable

AquaMaxx has a great new line of DC water pumps manufactured by Sunpole that really deserve a closer look because they run amazingly quiet, are very efficient and built to withstand the test of time inside a reef tank.

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Mat Dyer says:

Amazing how the USA is still using feet and gallons as measurement standards – but I’m glad you posted the meters and litre equivalents.

ReeferGil says:

Very cool looking pump!

Manuel T says:

I buy the DC jebao pump super quiet pump. I just have hard time to Match the pump and the overflow, each time that I press the feed mode or unplugged I need to readjust the pump and the overflow again. Look like the pump go one or two speed faster that my previous setup when it comes back on

Forsaken 77 says:

This may sound like a weird question, but being the pump operates at a frequency above what humans hear, will it hurt a dogs ears? Sometimes those high pitched sounds that we can’t hear can hurt a dogs ears. I just want to make sure that it wouldn’t drive my dog crazy by hearing this high pitched sound all day long. Odd question, I know. But it’s the first pump I’ve seen operate at such a high pitched frequency.

Tyler Jackson says:

Any link for Sunpole, personally have never heard of them? Looking at the label on the pump it looks like Sunpole designs them, Solteam (in china) assembles them and Aquamaxx is selling them through their brand? Not being negative, I just want to know the full story of the product so I’m not disappointed if I choose to get one.

Mike B says:

So with a number of DC pumps out there on the market, from super cheap Chinese made… to not cheap Chinese made, is there a reason they the vast majority of them only have 6 speed settings instead of incremental adjustments that are smaller? Almost like they all use same controller board that has those 6 speed settings.

dragonfisher33 says:

How is different from jebao dcp pump?

Killer Entertainment says:

interesting … well i know what to get if my Vectra ever dies.

Edward Thayer says:

if Aquamaxx customer service wasn’t so bad I’d give this pump a shot! but it’s not worth it!

Marine Life says:

Can the ecotech marine battery backup work on these pumps

epicnas12342 says:

These pumps look nice I wish they had them in the UK

Marine Life says:

I have a a different kind of pump and I want to know why it sometimes drain my sump

Clint Warren says:

Do these have a 0-10V input for use with Apex? says:

How does the controller mount to sump or stand. What are the options?

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