Aquarium Pump Review Jebao DCT Best Pump?

Published 1/09/19

In this weeks video were going to unbox an aquarium pump. The aquarium pump is the Jebao DCT 6,000. This has by far been the best pump I have bought for the money! come check it out and see for yourself!

Jebao DCT 6,000 Pump:

Rubber Drain Trap Connector:


SC Fish Keeping says:

As someone who Matt talked into purchasing this brand of pump…. I can say it is worth every penny! Great value, great product and a great unboxing. Looking forward to the big stuff coming soon man!

Phoenixs Aquatic 4'11 Legacy says:

Awsome video matt very cool pump and amazing review

FishDad1 Chad H says:

I have two of them for my 300 gallon love them

Ohio Fish keeper says:

700 has been reached congrats man

Josh Marine says:


Ohio Fish keeper says:

Great crazy awesome video

tylerc587able says:

Keep up the great work man ur grind is truly inspirational to me and your one of the reasons I am gonna get back in the hobby

Matthew Moore Cichlids says:

What uuup Matt! Nice looking pump.

Matt DeChalk says:

Looking forward to the new build can’t wait to see what it is

Logan Carmine says:

Nice thank you. Could you do a video on your filter system you have set up for either your pond or your big tank. Reason I ask going to set up a 150 and I’m not a big fan of hang on the back filters. Wondering if a set up like you have on your tanks would be good option for me. Tank will have a tiger oscar nd want to do a jack Dempsey and green terror maybe still haven’t decided want to have a community tank with maybe 5 or 6 fish so all have plenty of space.

Catfish Cave says:

I don’t particularly care for monster fish in aquariums; I just would rather have more smaller fish. And sumps and monster tanks (or pools) I feel the same. YET, I like your channel. I think it’s your approach – not “how many pounds of fish can I put in this tank” but “how many gallons of water can I give this fish.” Keep up the good work – this “little” fish guy likes it.

Lacey's place says:

Love love love the intro Matt

Hobbyist Fishkeeper says:

Monster pump for Monster Matt & his monster fish

inventoryking says:

Nice Matt. That is the same series pump or sure looks like it, thats on my protein skimmer.

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