Aquarium Water Changers aren’t Great – Review Rant – My review on aquarium water changer systems. I’m not a fan because they are wasteful of water and lack pressure a lot of the times. I like using a transfer pump. Here is a link:

Transfer Pump –

Added Fish tank ramblings:
I got this giant thing, Shrimpzilla, in a batch of ghost shrimp, he got as big as my fish, and creeped me out so much, i gave him to a friend with a bigger tank. I had the same thing happen last week, I had noticed the betta had some holes in his fins and couldn’t figure out why, treat for fin rot, and then I witnessed it! I had to pull the shrimp off him! Needless to say, all the shrimp from all the betta tanks are now gone! Ghost shrimp are shady.

I watched a short shrimp pull a snail off a rock yesterday and put his filthy little legs in to try eat him, I have been finding empty shells since I got them, I have about 6 in my community tank, they are going to be fed to the chichlids in the local pond! Furious.

Hello I do have same betta like yours and I want to ask if you ever encounter having a curl fins on your boy.? Mine just has two or three curl fins, he eat well though and swim fine. I water change his tank twice a week and I did salt bath him. But, the curling still there and theres a probability he will have more.

I have read a little more and there does not seem to be a definitive answer, could be genetics or aging. Maybe someone here will have an answer, there is a lot of knowledge in this group. Yo, I have the same betta too. I literally thought you posted a pic of my betta… Hard to see in thus light, but he’s got the same blue and curling find from regrowth. Twins for sure. Wow! I have a ghost and amano with my betta and they pretty much stay hidden and keep to themselves. I have a ton of hiding places and plants for them tho. Maybe that’s why they haven’t attacked my boy yet?

I had 2 Amano shrimp but they passed away. One I get to bury and the other the Swordtail ate before I could get it out in October the day I was getting ready to leave for the weekend for a convention. My ghost shrimp are doing that to my fish too! I’m having to take my shrimp out tomorrow… Those damn things ruined my bettas long fins.

This has me wondering if this is why my betta all of a sudden has ripped fins. Looks like the shrimp will be heading to the Fish Eye tank until I can take them to my classroom. Do yall put Holiday decor in your tanks for the season? If so, show me! I snagged a little christmas pineapple for my fishy(it was on clearance for $1.97 at petsmart).

Hey guys, I feel like something is wrong with my boy it seems like he has a hard time keeping afloat and I can’t figure out what it is. It doesn’t seem like GBD but no matter what I do he always looks like he’s struggling. Could someone help me? My New betta double tail (no name jet). I Think he is a Young boy, what do You Think, he is 1.2 ins in his body.
He is in a 5.5 gallon tank, I would have liked to have him in my 12 g tank, but he is actually fine in this, so I might keep him here and put some live plants. Can anyone helt with what color is he? PS: the wathersound is from my Big tank.

Hello I’m a new fish owner, so the worker at petsmart where I got my fish’s told me that I can put my 2 female betta fish with my male in the same tank (she does it as well) then like 3 hours later the male is biting and chasing one of the female and she now has small mark’s. I currently have him separated in the cup that he came in inside the tank because of the heater. what should I do now? I also read that it could just mean that the male is showing them who is boss and that he will leave them alone in a few days.

I’m not sure if you need to think this far out of the box- but a 5 gallon bucket is better than nothing in emergencies between tanks. Arent as fun to view but they still get clean swimming space. I have a small plastic tank I can set up, I have thrown the plants and filters in a bucket with the tank water, i had a spare tank running, and I have one guy in a breeding net in my 50g. It’s only for a few hours, it gives me an excuse to get a slightly bigger thank I think.

Normally 1 pellet once a day & occassionally he may steal the couple flakes I give another fish. Usually skipping a day a wk. usually once, sometimes twice but not very often. i almost never feed pellets anymore and i never feed flakes as they always give my bettas bloat and constipation. most of my bettas won’t even eat frozen brine shrimp so i mostly feed frozen bloodworms. Twice, most days, but i skip feeds when he’s looking a bit bloated.

He tends to eat his tankmates food too, so it’s quite tricky making sure they get enough, and he doesn’t get too much.


Chap Schaap says:

I use a garden hose conected to my canisterfilter to do a water change. And overhere in the netherlands we are lucky that the quality of our tap water is good enough to put it straight in our tanks

Nikola Stajic says:

Are you from Palmer Alaska

gsxrl1 says:

Can you do a vieja care video please.

Joe's Fish Garage says:

The python doesn’t have to be ran with water on the entire time. It just moves slower unless it’s a very low tank. I like to let the gravity slowly drain tanks and use it to refill. It is a must for a lot of us.

Eddy Edwards says:

I remember back when I started keeping fish in 80’s. I never did water changes and had no problem with my tanks. Then in 90’s I used buckets ( very time consuming). Then I came up with an idea of using a siphon with a long tube out the front door, then refilled it a 32 gallon trash can with a pump. Now I. Only have a 46 gallon do water change every other week with buckets.

Tommers Jay says:

If you’re on a city water system, the water used is put back into the system and goes through the same water treatment process over and over. The water isnt being wasted when it goes down the drain because it doesnt disappear by any means.

Susan Briggs says:

I have an RO filter (yea, I know, another water waster, but water awful and I keep soft water fish). I use large 40 gallon trash can on casters and a pond pump. I have to remineralize and buffer my RO water. The pump works great. I run water into my hand to prevent blowing my fish every where. I remove water with large syphon into smaller buckets (also on casters). Still, a lot of work.I
Question for another video. Joey getting some grief over keeping a pair of flower horns together. What’s your opinion? Are they going to co-exist? Some viewers feel that is female flower horns stressed (or injured) Frank to death.

Cichlid Experience says:

If you can set it up
So that you can syphon
For emptying tank
The suction should be sufficient for gravel vacuuming without needing to keep faucet running while vacuuming.

LAURIT311 says:

Please do a video or in next line be stream show us this transfer pump and how it gravel vacuum. I have low water pressure and have been looking for another way to gravel vacuum my tanks instead of the Python.

Aqua Peet says:

Getting a cloud of baby shrimp on my gravel… does anyone have some (maybe experienced) advice on how to gravel-vac without sucking them all up?
They just won’t move or come back and come too close.

I know how hard it is to catch them eventually, in the bucket of dirty water and gravel.
In the beginning of last week I just had a few shrimpies and I didn’t even notice sucking up so much of them, I just saw one go in…
So I stared into the bucket, saved one… stared for a long time again… saved one… up til five and nothing else in the bucket was moving!
Heck it took longer than my whole meticulous gravel vacuuming ritual that I do every mid-week and it took half an hour to get my eyes straight again.

Please advice!!

Paul Hopkins says:

I siphon my water out of a window, and fill with a 3/8″ hose connected to my tap outside for my fresh water tanks. My 20 gallon reef tank gets water changes with buckets considering I have to mix salt and use RODI for that tank. I do use a power head and hose to pump the new water out of the bucket into the tank.

Catfish Cave says:

I use buckets (actually 1 bucket and a 1 gallon pitcher) for my two 15 gallon tanks or my 10 gallon quarantine tank. Everything else uses a hose (or pipe) from tank to garden or tap to tank. Buckets are too heavy… and no one will ever mistake me for Zenzo.
Any water pump will work. As will a bigger diameter hose/pipe. Or use two pythons. If you need to move water up out of a basement, use a bigger pump. Suction on a gravel vac is the ratio of hose size to vacuum size.
Plecos that eat a lot of vegetable matter actually have feces that are low in protein content; hence, have a lower impact on water quality – they just look bad!

worm dizz says:

Can you show us how you use your water change system thanks

CaptainNemo49 says:

Get this quick disconnect to leave the male on the faucet and the female disconnect attaches to the python plastic faucet adapter……….………………. I use this for my bath on the first floor when done with water change, just pull down the green plastic ring and the python connector slides off and the male faucet adapter stays on, the next water change, just snap the python back on to the male connector on the faucet. Inside thread for the faucet is what I have.

Ryan H says:

Python water changer with a pond pump attached, and a 32G Rubbermaid Brute can for prepping the water for temp and dechlor before it hits the system. And an Eheim vac to pick up debris on top of the sand bed… Pretty quick and easy, no noise, no water waste and no mess.

Mad Fish Diva says:

I use a 30ft Python with a 20 foot extension for a total of 50′ attached to my sink and I love it. I use it for my 55g, 30.g. and 36g. I use a small siphon with two bucket for my smaller 10 and 5.5 gallons.

brent245 says:

One tip with the photon is you only need to get the siphon started with the sink. Once you get it started you can shut off the sink andgravel vac like normal.

Christopher Frazier says:

My back is completely shot and I am disabled the rest of my life – with a heart defect as well since 23 years old. I don’t have the most money (usually when people say that, they have a house, tons of tanks, two vehicles, and a good life) but I am honestly pretty poor. The fish I have and tanks – I only got from saving my disability for years. Without the Python Water Change system, I would have to leave the freshwater and saltwater hobby completely – I am saving up for a drip system so I never have to do many water changes again. Technically having fish at all is a waste of water we don’t need them. I remember a video where you said the “Python Water Changer is a game changer and loved it.” You are a great guy man, still a fan obviously. But you are thinking about this subject with a one size fits all type of mindset. My water is free for me, so maybe I am looking at it from that point of view.

dennis says:

Did anyone hear about the Pleco plague down in Florida somewhere? ?

BlakesAquatics says:

Great video. Very informative

Brock Akan says:

I am sorry but I must completely disagree with you Palmer. The Python system is the easiest system I have ever used and it is what made me come back to the hobby after a break of 7 years. Seeing me using the Python 4 of my friends who were also fish keepers who had decided to get out of the hobby also fell in love with the ease of use of the Python. So that is 5 people the Python system has brought back to the hobby. They are so easy to use and quite durable I think maybe you just had a bad product.

Gil Finnigan says:

I would call the Flower Horn Boromir

the lazy fish keeper says:

well i use a gravel vac and bucket but i only have 3 20’s a 10 and a 75 gal tank. and a $50 python just seems over priced. oh and if you do it right your aqua scape is not affected.
but that’s just me. a lot of good information look for more pithy videos stay well

Matt’s Fish Keeping says:

So sorry I can’t be on the live stream for the week my mom took all my electronics away and said I can only take my phone to school so this is how I’m talking to u

000000Kimo says:

Don’t forget to put the link for transfer pump.

Trucker Jack says:

This is the remedy I’ve been looking for, but didn’t think about.. I have an odd sink where connections just don’t work right, I could probably get a gasket but I’d still be losing water. My first water change was buckets lol.. second was gravel vac to empty, buckets to fill. Finally, this should make buckets nearly obsolete. But an upside to buckets, you’re not wasting any water. Thanks for this man. It’s a lifesaver.

Jesus ged Mary and Joseph says:

Why not just kill all the fish . There shit anyway . Only the big ones are good because you can eat them

Haze Unknown says:

I use buckets . I only have a 40Brder , and 29gallon tank ,but i use submersible water pump to pump back water into tank from bucket . When I do water change I never waste water. I simply use all old water for my garden. Make all my plants green XD.

TheBlindkiller85407 says:

Okay dude. You need to remake and think about your video. Stay on task. One product rant turns into a 40 minute video. That’s kind of absurd. Maybe Aderol?

Did you ever think to look at your hand controlled check valve on the python? Did you ever clean your tube? Nothing looks better than a medical grade silicone hose that’s covered in black nastiness that can also impede the ID of the hose, and choke points.

When it comes to gravel vac’ing of course you should, but it’s not always necessary for every W/C. If you have a setup that has proper filtration. You can just do the water every other time and let it gravity drain.

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