Aquarium Wave Maker Pump: SunSun JVP-110


Check out the SunSun JVP-110 Here:




ADU Aquascaping says:

Good product for the money. Cheap Chinese is somewhat a thing of the past. My new Sun Sun canister seems comparable to others and it was $30. Some design features I have never seen before, making for more versatility. Wave makers produce a way more natural turbulent motion. Always use ’em. Hey I know it has been forever, but should I write up a bio and send over a pic of me in front of my tank? My dad got sick this summer and I had little time. How is the Osmocote plus quantifying going? And DAMN! Look at your subs! Great work.

Fish For Brains says:

I usually pick power heads over wave makers because they are not as bulky but if they are more spread out like you say than I will give them a try. my wood shrimp wrestle over the best spot some times. lol

Dakota Outdoors says:

I cant believe i listened to this review. I purchased this pump and wow, did i make a mistake. It does not work under water, it makes an extremely loud clacking noise and creates ZERO water flow. the blade is choppy and does not spin properly under water. extremely disappointed and i feel scammed for 12$ by another shitty asian company.

Durga Prasad says:

is front portion of the device removable? to clean the impeller as a maintenance routine…. if yes can u make a video for the same

Bhashkar Raj Mishra says:

what gph wavemaker will i be needing for 150gal?

ice3542 Games says:

I have this. Use it on my saltwater aquarium. Its awesome for smaller tanks like my 100 liter.
(PRO TIP – place the wave maker near the top back corner, point it up at the surface & hide the magnetic glass cleaner behind it)

Allan H says:

So I just bought one of these. Will it suck up my ghost shrimp? I have a 55g with about 20 ghost shrimp. Thanks.

Justin Czech says:

Just bought this for my new tank, along with some lava rock that you always talk about in your videos. Now the anticipation waiting for it in the mail! Thanks for the review!

Leo03 says:

Hi, i just got one of these pumps and wanted to know if it runs on 120v? I plugged it in and it works outside water but once submerged it shutd off????? Not sure why… please help

Mason Dyer says:

Would you suggest putting this into a 10g tank


+ADU Aquascaping Dave ill shoot you an email on the one I got from you in the past, Osmocote is treating me well like usual, im slowely getting to the experiment… time is running out with school on the horizon….

js vids says:

could you please tell me if I have two of these facing opposite direction for my 175 gallon tank. will it be okay?

Richard Sees says:

your web site is dead

jordan says:

mines making a horrible noise when its underwater any solutions

anthony Pope says:

hi can you use these with guppys and endler guppys

The Legend 27 says:

Is this a good wave maker for a 20 gal? Or should I get a lower powered one?

Justin Mitchell says:

Yo! I’m currently using air stones but seriously thinking of switching to wave makers! Are the sources of heat? I have small tanks and localized heat fluctuations can be problematic

Anthony Vaccaro says:

i got mine for 7.39 on

Leo03 says:

seems these pumps run on 240v not 120v so its not compatible. I tossed mine.

Allen Hardy says:

i have the sun sun 402 thats a really good powerhead as well

Oscar Smith says:

I got the 1600 gph for a reef tank and works really well

njw1383 says:

Another great video. Very interesting, I watched it right to the end. I always assumed these were purely for cosmetic purpose. Thanks for the info my friend

Mason Dyer says:

can I put one in a 10g tank?

pepe pepito says:

I have 1 and I don’t use it is very noise

Carl N says:

WORST product ever don’t even bother the impeller shaft is to long, catches on the grill, and then breaks.. piece of junk… stick to made in USA.. U..S..A!!! U… S… A!

John Derrick says:

I like this wave maker too, except there’s no inlet filter so dwarf grass tends to clog this thing up to the point that it affects the performance greatly. Any solutions for this issue? Additionally it blended some of slower moving fish into chop-sui

frosty1 says:

Will they have a chance of damaging fish and or shrimp? Do you think I could use this size on my 150 gallon 6ft tank with pressurized co2 to spread the co2 a biit? Check my channel to see the tank and co2 distribution.

jesse grat says:

horrible product. my came with a cracked fan guard. it also makes terrible clacking noises when it’s in the water.

Some dude says:



Need one for a 2ft fish tank

Venkat Raman says:

I have a submersible filter and it also creates a wave so why should I buy this? How will it be beneficial to my fishes…. can anyone pls help in explaining

Eman Biswas says:

Hiii, I just bought one for my 29G planted tank which i started recently… Do you think the flow will be overkill even if i face it towards the surface of the tank?
I Got Vals,Wisteria, some crypts,bacopa etc …
Will be a lot of help if you replied soon.
Also i added a Video of my tank and any suggestion from a pro like you would be great.

Tangobaldy says:

I bought one like that on Amazon. it’s totally pants in 300l tank. water only moves from 6 cm of the devics

Roger Forhan says:

My Sun Sun 304-B canister filter is a beast. Just upgrade the filter media to Marine Pure balls or Biohome pellets and it’s a workhorse. Got it for 100 bucks on eBay.

7orres says:

what is the name of the big plant  is behind? i have the same

Cameraman2419 says:

Hi Mike
I was wonder if you can help. I have a 75 gallon freshwater aquarium the biggest fish would be at parrot fish I am having nitrate problems I have been doing water changes once a week taking out 10 gallons. I have and RO maker and I have two filters on my tank one wet dry it’s for over 100 gallon tank and a canister filter it’s good for 60 gallon tank and I just bought purigen for both filters. I have good movement on the top of the tank.
Haven’t been using any chemicals I try not to. I feed my fish every other day feeding them very little. Everybody seems to be happy they’re eating. I was wondering if I should get a wave maker would that help me with my nitrates by having better water movement?? Or anything suggest please let me know

Thank You

Pondguru says:

A wave maker is something I have never used and to be honest I thought that they moved about a bit like a oscillating fan. Looks very good for the price. Thanks for the upload.
You’re going to love the pump I use in my next filter video.

BlackHawk says:

Could I just use a submersible pump as a wave maker ?

The Angry Fish Guy says:

Interesting, I bought the same Sun-Sun from Amazon and returned it the same day, it was JUNK. Made a horrible noise and didnt move any water whatsoever.

Zack says:

Does it change your water temp at all?

Roxann Hermanson says:

I have a 50 Gal breeder tank. Wondering now if I have over kill?? I have 2 Fluval 206 Filters and 2 wave makers (as you called them) and a bubble line. I don’t see any trouble in the tank, some of the fish seem to like swimmer in the flow. But how would I know if its to much?

Bayonetta says:

im gonna get a wave maker now, ty! I have a powerhead but it fckin killed 3 of my goldfish T-T. The suction was too powerful for my fishes to swim past even with a barrier. I miss my goldies T-T DO NOT USE POWERHEAD PPL! THEY ARE FISH KILLERS.

BorrisDaBlade25 says:

I got the 800 gph version of this pump for my 45 long and its waaaay too much flow. Not sure what to do now.

Fish Tales says:

Hi nice video, i use a Sunsun JVP 101 and an Aquael circulation pump
in my 20 gallon marine. The Sunsun is adequate for surface agitation and
the Aquael is great for distrubution flow around the tank. So no dead spots
and happy fish!

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