Best Aquarium Filter Pump: Eco 396 Submersible Pump

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The Eco 185 Model:

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The EcoPlus Eco396 is an awesome aquarium filter pump. I use these pumps on tons of different DIY projects, primarily cheap filters where I need to draw water out of a tank and redirect it back in though various filter styles. I highly recommend this filter pump to anyone who wants to get creative with their own aquarium filter designs.


Mani Pakkiri says:

Actually, the pump is so called submersible, but in this video it is used as centrifugal… will it reduce the lifetime of the that pump.. Answer please, very necessary

Stevie G says:

Slightly off topic question, would I be able to install an external filter system in order to increase the fish stock in a fluvial age tank?

Shrey Agarwal says:

which fishes are those in silver colour whith a slight yellow touch which comes in the starting??

BlackHawk says:

Could I use one of these as a wave maker ?

Areed Mostafa says:

how to make Aquarium air pump at home

TheAngry Fishman says:

Great review bro. How are ya?

Helen Slawsky says:

Two questions: what will the gph. be if I use the 1/4 inch fitting?……And will the 1/4 fitting take semi rigid reverse osmosis 1/4 tubing?

Dude, That's Cichlid! says:

Thanks!! Fish on!

Snapyoass 82 says:

would the 396 be powerful enough for a canister filter in a 40 gallon turtle tank ? I have about 30 gallons of water in it, and turtle filters are recommended to be 3 times the amount of filtration.

Gene Cundel says:

I build my own custom cannister filters and am constantly on the lookout for pumps which are energy efficient, reliable, and able to put out the flow rate as advertised. I will purchase this pump and see how it performs. Straight out, the first red flag is the energy used. It’s rated at 36watts to provide 396GPH. That is a huge amount of cost to operate since we all run our filtration 24/7/365. Today the pump sells for $22.60. Compare that to the Quiet One Pro Pump 1200 (Mfg# R440102) which is rated at 17.5watts to provide 317GPH. Today’s cost for this model is $24.53. Keep in mind that the wattage is easily verified if you have the equipment, which is the first thing I test for. As far as the advertised flow rates, I have yet to find any pump put out what they claim. I test with “0” head, “0” friction loss (no piping or fittings involved). Simply passing water from one container to another at the same elevation. My cannister filters are built to accommodate multiple pumps on the one filter. My filter housings last forever. Failed pumps are easily changed out for a new or more efficient model. Think of the way a home heating system is zoned for better efficiency and load requirements. Each branch line’s true GPH coming off the filter is verified by the water returning to the filter from that branch.

Le Nutzman says:

I would be interested in seeing a DIY on your canister filter using the Eco 396.

KYfishguy says:

will the 396 work as a return pump on a sump matched with a Eshopps PF300?

Areed Mostafa says:

how to make Aquarium air pump at home

imam mufti says:

aman kah…?
itu kan filter buat di dalam air…
bukan di luar

Avijit Dey says:

pls reply me in ur canister filter video.u using a submeresible pump,on that written do not run dry…why?what its mean?pls explain.can i use any submeresible pump outsite of the aquarium?and diffrence between submerisible and imersible aquarium pump????????????please reply

El_Charre_R says:

would you recommend this pump to attach it to a diy canister on a 55 gl tank top of tank it’s like 4 ft?

Navdeep Raj says:

When you say this can be used externally, will it work without a siphon? meaning if the intake tube is dry and added to my sump, will it suck out water from the sump?

Paul Abordo says:

Hi, need some help, i do have a 142 galons aquarium and 3 blood parrot fish, 5 catfish shark, 1chiclid and 1 garb and some plants, my problem is after a water change 3-4 days after it is murky again, what overhead specs do i need? Thanks

Sergio Lopez says:

hope u can help me im starting a new 135 freshwater tank. Should i use half tap and half ro water or gust go with tap with some prime

The Deamon says:

is the 396 to strong for a 29 gallon tank with a diy external cannisters? the cannisters is one foot by 4in diameter.

dedy prihartono says:

What the meaning of “dry” written in that pump?

sdq sdq says:

someone need to open up this pump to see how it works as external pump , does come with 1″ inlet and 3/4 ” outlet ?

Tyson MCA says:

DO NOT BUY!!!! Loud AF

Mr. Clifford Johnson says:

Good Stuff, nice video, I learned something…….

Alex Aguilar says:

I can’t get the ecoplus 396 to operate inline. It works fine when submerged but when hooked up to be used as a siphon it doesn’t have any suction. Any tips?

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