DC Water Pumps, LA Fishguys Tech Talk Episode 152, part 3

Scott switches to DC Pumps in Aquarium Tech Talk, a new series within LA Fishguys. Scott Leif shows you in the One Hundred and fifty second episode of LA Fishguys how he has and why he has switched his water pumps to the new DC water pumps on his 500 gallon reef tank.


Liam Kennedy says:

did he repaint

NanoReefer says:

Great video as always , just a question off topic , do you guys have any advice on how to best Cyanobacteria . The stuff had plagued me for months I have addressed all the suspect issues with no joy

Janet Diaz says:

where can i get the pump? whats the model ##

martins rifts Uk says:

Gather you filmed this before you cleaned the acrylic, as a episodes back you cleaned it.

Love the way LA fish guys is going

Would love to see a multiple tank system setup build la fish guy style.

Ruben says:

Great video I enjoyed all 3 parts of the video. Looking forward to the next Tech talk.

Ian Roughley says:

Great job Scott 🙂

Abraham Gonzalez says:

😉 nice

Anthony's Malawi Predators says:

you two are polar opposites when it comes to technology… I prefer low tech old school methods myself 😉

Terrance Gilmore says:

For the love of god, clean your glass…

OBI'JUAN says:

yes clean the Coraline algae

Casper Myers says:

tech channel lol.

OBI'JUAN says:

Scott nice presentation , love LA Fish Guy , what do you do for a living?

Aaron Armstrong says:

I’d watch videos on Scott’s quarantine tank if he made them.

Aaron Armstrong says:

Good to see you on camera again Scott. I vote LA Fishguy.

Casper Myers says:

Scott irl is a super successful dude go see his problem solving first hand is legit. make him do a tour channel as a spinoff. it would rock

montgomery burns says:

Scott is the truth !!!

theduckdk says:

Nice video , after the epilepsi intro.

Gary Graham says:

What is your monthly aquarium electric bill ?

wayne creech says:

Great series! I love my DC Pumps.

Peter Rossetti says:

Thanks Jim and Scott. Great videos!!!

Rahul says:

Are you making a update video on your own 130 gallon tank next?

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