EcoTech Vectra Return Pumps – Are they worth it?

Has my EcoTech Vectra L1 return pump stood the test of time?

So many people seem to review things after they first get them, surely everything should work at first?

The real proof is long time use.
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Eric K says:


915Mang says:

Pretty Quiet Pumps

Jeong-Ho Conrado says:

I purchased mine after I saw the first video. Haven’t looked back since

melevsreef says:

Very nice review, and I feel the same way about my 2.5 year old M1 Vectra.

Peter Davies says:

I am sorry I disagree. The first thing you will notice is not its sleek packaging it’s the price!!! 🙂

TheBritishMelonn says:

Hey! Would you ever touch on nano tanks? I own a 20g currently (downed from a 90), and would like to know what else I can do equipment, and filtration wise. I feel like I can do more. Really thinking of a mini sump for my flame algae too or for extra filtration

Hugo Snell says:

My M1’s motor block failed after 16 months, just out of warranty. When I first bought it, it needed a replacement power supply too… Luckily I had a spare pump to use, but I now run an eheim 1260 for true reliability.


Great video

Brad Dickson says:

First! Great video 🙂

FishyDave says:

Very good review, sounds like I need to look into these for my new system

Harry E. Swan says:

I have a Vectra M1 and 2 MP40’s …No regrets!

Daniel Nadal says:


Reef Guy says:

They Vectras are toys compared to the Royal Exclusiv RD3 pumps

DreamReefer UK says:

My 2yr old m1 is the best and quietest pump I’ve ever owned.

Malak Belial says:

I have the Vectra S1

Marine Depot Aquarium Supplies says:

Solid review, those battery backups are literally a lifesaver!

Anna Reef says:

I missed you last week 🙁 You owe us an extra video!

ReefDudes says:

Great Review, I have been running mine for over a year and love it! best return pump i have owned.

Neal Pamella says:

Are they expensive to run?

The Glitch says:

I seriously need to sort out a backup generator! I’ve been very lucky with no power cuts for more than a few minutes in two years!

OSSO says:

Ahh wish I was brave enough to plumb a sump ;~;

Phil Cusimano says:

Ryan, I went a step further an bought two Vectra L1 pumps … if something should happen to go wrong with one pump I still have another pump working.

Kori Kamon says:

Have you grown a beard?

Roksana Pavao says:

Great pumps

Mick Green says:

1st or 2nd gen pump , my 1st gen L1 die 16 months in, melted in the barrel should of been a product recall as it is a common problem.

gord oland says:

Pablo alert @1:36

Wolsey67 says:

I’ve had an M1 since they where available in the UK about 3 years ago. I’m about to clean it for the second time since installing it. It has never missed a beat and looks like the Chinese backup in my bottom drawer will never get used in fact it needs more maintenance than the running Vectra! The calibration and feed mode are brilliant as to are the different formats this pump can be used for out of the box. Build is bullet proof which is evident in the materials used in the controller. As for the capacity, it can pump far more than it says on the spec sheet. It is the most reliable bit of kit in my tank by far.

sheldon jessup says:

i agree more people need to do a follow up video on their initial reviews

DiepBlueC says:

Take a look here, it is a great pump, but not perfect 🙂 I like your review though and totally agree about those awesome features!

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