Eheim 1262 Pump Review – Eheim Universal 3400 Pump 900 GPH

Eheim 1262 Pump Review – Also known as the Eheim Universal 3400 pumps 900 gph or 3400 liters per minute. It was super quiet and so far performs well.

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Rich's Fishes says:

head height would affect power consumption?

AQUA NUT says:

Nice pump Cory 900 GPH is pretty deadly. One thing about Eheim that i really like is that they include everything you need. Same with the canister filters they include media.

dominicanoboy100 says:

Hey Cory do you think this pump will be enough for my 180 gallon aquarium or should I get something else?Thank you.

NYCity Cichlids says:

Hat thing is powerful. $$$

brennaecho says:

good review. I don’t care for their canisters but I’d be willing to give other products a try.

TheToprakeren says:

Hi I am from Germany and I like your Videos and I watch your Videos for a few days and your fishes are nice 🙂

Jan Girke says:

If you have a lot of fish in the tank and want to be cautious you can get a UPS and or a solar backup. A UPS will be enough for brownouts and shorter outages but don’t ask me if you need an online UPS or if an offline UPS is good enough for pumps.
Maybe you want some kind of alarm too that sounds a siren and sends you a SMS or calls you. Maybe there is even a cheaper version possible with a raspberry pi, latte panda or one of those 10$ computers.

Michael's Fish Room says:

Another great honest review!

Ivan Kolić says:

Great pump but too expensive for me.
In my country most popular pump’s are the cheap chinese brands like Atman or Sobo.
On my 50 gallon tank I have a smaller Atman pump and it’s running great for a couple of years.
For my new 100gallon tank I can get a 800 gph Atman At-105 for like 26$ 🙂
The main concern is it’s in my bedroom and I’m scared it’s gonna be loud.
I hope I can sound insulate the tank stand with some styrofoam, that’s where the sump with the pump will go.

davey breedlove says:

Cory i plan in getting this same.pump. What are the thread sizes for the return and intake. Think the return is 5/8 and intake is 1″? or im not sure, lol. if you could let me know would be very helpful

Actually Tasteful Productions says:

Hey just wanted to let you know you have a awesome channel and its clear you’re passionate about what you do. i have a question thats slightly off topic. i got a betta a few weeks ago and yesterday i got him a betta buddy plant. when i woke up today he was green. hes a butterfly betta, any advice would be appreciated. i was thinking it might be the chlorophyll in the water but when i looked it up i started to worry. thank you very much and keep up the good work.

bilal hussain says:

hi .. just a question on a ehiem pump 1000litre ……only need it when i do water change ,i use a 80litre bin and just to fill the tank up by emptying the bin …… ur opinion please

iam jacks complete lack of surprise says:

it would be sweet to see a review on the whale canister by Sicce. barely anything reviews on them.

maye adam says:

I have Eheim 2213 bought in 1986 and still working. This company make industrial grade equipment.

Kurt Reynolds says:

Would you think using a small one of these pumps to power my Eheim uv steriliser would be a good option??? I want to use it as a dry pump.

Vito Pompilio says:

What’s the difference between this return pump. And the eheim compact return pump? Also witch eheim return pump would be good for my 90 gallon tank?

Derek Greenhalgh says:

Not the cheepest but one of the best if not the best, i use Eheim pumps in my tank, aquaponics, even in my watercooled PC.

Rani Arunshiva says:

I your pump

Cole Schramm says:

Top notch review, Cory. Very thorough and informative. Eheim does make well constructed aquarium equipment.

Iowa Discus says:

I have a smaller version of the same pump and agree with everything you said. I also use cheaper ones for bigger jobs but for something I want to be consistent that I can trust to last a long time, I use the Eheim. In other words, I keep a Lexus in the garage but typically drive my Camry lol.

Under The Bus says:

Hi Cory: My Eheim 1262 sits on top of a large Eheim canister filter, 2262. The pump is loud and annoying. However, when I squeeze the sides of the pump, it becomes quiet. When I release my grip, the loud sound returns. Any suggestions? Thanks for the informative video.

Aquarium Co-Op says:

*Buy it here from our amazon affiliate link:*

Malgorzata Kowalczyk says:

Hi Cory. The only problem of other pumps is that they are not Eheim. Going cheap on long term does not make any sense – similar with heater. But, .. 😉
Thanks for info.

antarip debnath says:

hey Cory, do you have any salt water tank in your shop or home ? If, then make a video on it.

polpterusdelhezi says:

isn’t 3400l a bit to much for a tank that size ?
i would choose a 1250l for a tank that size

Btw my 1250(1200l) has much more output then my JBL christalprofi1500 (1500l)

Marc Gonzales says:

please do a segment about shrimps, bees in particular. thank you so much for all the videos that you’ve done. i’m a big fan of yours from dubai.

Brett Tully says:

Congrats on breaking 10000 subscribers!

Josh's Aquatics & Railroad Videos says:

Great video! You should get that Goldfish some friends. 🙂

Reef Builders says:

Quiet compared to what exactly? If you think the 1262 is quiet you should try a Sicce Syncra.

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