GBGS 45W Submersible Water Pump Review

A powerful pump for large aquafeatures and aquariums. See similar items here here: [Amazon Affiliate Product Link] Note the GBGS model in this video is no longer avaiable.

This pump is heavy duty in terms of output. It’ll move 11 gallons/minute or 660 Gal/h. It comes with two output nozzles for hookin gup to tubes and one input nozzle. The unit is made of a hardshell plastic and measures 5.5″ W x 3.5″ H x 2.5″ D and weighs 2 lbs. The power cable is about 6 ft long which is a little short, but still usable. This pump is suitable for large aquarium, pond and landscaping uses and is tolerant to salt water application. The only slight problem I had was with the rubber feet, whose quality is poor and one foot ripped along the edge and the attachment nub tore off due to the softness of the rubber.

While the unit’s instructions didn’t explain how to access the inlet hole to attach the hose nozzle, it was fairly easy to pop off the filter cage that covers it. Just make sure you have water in your tube and that the tube is submerged before you plug it in, if you are using an inlet hose.

The unit is basically plug and play after assembly, and the water pressure is quite high. The water moves fast so this pump is good for large scale aquatics but not so great for small aquariums. NOte also that this unit doesn’t have a filter and its purpose is to move and aerate water. I use this pump to quickly empty out my rain barrel at the end of the fall season for winter storage, but occasionally I find other uses for it too.

See similar items here here: [Amazon Affiliate Product Link] Note the GBGS model in this video is no longer avaiable.


Michael Sullivan says:

is it loud?



rock johnson says:

Can this pump can pull the water UpTo 8ftVertically

नेपाली नेपाली says:

send me price list of same pump at

shaik omer says:

how it will be for 2 gallons aquarium

stop asking me to change my name! says:

How is it possible to put an electrical device in water ? May sound dumb but I can’t find the answer to this.

Arupananda Sethy says:

is there any pump for both water & air in a single time running

Masaba Masaba says:

this is a great solution

Nazmul Hassan says:

how can i buy it
plz given link

village guru says:

water ki current is not coming

Masaba Masaba says:

where can i get one, the link on amazon is dead

Shankar McBhārat says:

What are the common issues with these pumps (magnetic impeller)?
How often the coil(AC-Coil) fails?

Aditya Mhatre says:

hi…..mayci know the ip voltage wattage and hp power of the motor ……can u provide me with all the specification of the motor on my mail id ..also can u provide the availbilty on ebay (india)

StageBanndit says:

if I get a 45 gph pump and adjust the flow rate to 30gph on it. are the any additional tricks I can usebto get it down to 15 gph.

Aditya Mhatre says:

oh thx for considering phil…….

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