How to Choose a Properly Sized Return Pump for Your Saltwater Aquarium Choosing the right return pump for your saltwater aquarium system is a very important decision.

In this video, we’ll discuss optimal tank turnover, how plumbing impacts your water flow, how to calculate head pressure, how you can upsize your pump to power other equipment, plus we’ll highlight the benefits of the various brands we carry and explain what makes DC pumps such an appealing choice for aquarium hobbyists.

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Ken Rosecrans says:

thx guys

Expert Aquatic says:

I have a 20 gallon aquarium with 3 to 4 feet which pump should I use

Vasile Sandu says:

I have a 64g and a rise pump blau 6kdc; a sump 17g; height 1.45m … What do you think?

Ken Rosecrans says:

i have a red sea 350 how can i put a locline on the return line what size is the return line in the tank?

amdomag says:

What pump is best for a 260 gal bait tank? ty.

Shunto99 says:

I have a small 29g bio cube. What brand Would you suggest? I Imagine that it wouldn’t be too big. Thanks.

SNARL 302 says:

I’m a little unclear on how pipe diameter affects flow. Will a larger diameter (1″) return line flow more of less than a smaller (3/4″) line?

Christopher Costigan says:

I have a 200 gallon bow front and a 40 gallon sump what size return pump should I get? I’m very confused on this part of the tank. Thank you.

Sindre Andrè Andersen says:

Is it okay with 15 in turnower on a freshwater

Tommy Luu says:

Would a Sicce 0.5 fit in the new Fluval Evo 12 AIO tanks? Thank you!

FishOfHex says:

great video as always man

tom england says:

hi, could you recommend a replacement pump for a innovative marine reactor (midsize) please?

AcuaTV says:

This has been the most useful video on how to calculate head pressure that I’ve seen so far. Thank you guys!

Mike D says:

Any advice is appreciated…. I have about 12 gallons of water inside my 14 gallon all in one clown fish tank (sand, rock, equipment take up rest). I want to make sure I have the correct gph return pump. 12 gallons x 10 would be a max of 120 gph pump… but I also have about 10 inches of head pressure and 1 elbow. I have a circulation pump within display area. I have a nano pump that is 110 gph and is only 2.8 watts. I got this because it is very quiet and doesn’t heat up the tank too much. Everything seems to be good had it for a year at least but should I get a bit more powerful one such as the CompactON 600 (159 GPH) – Eheim, Trying to keep heat and noise to it lowest. Thanks.

SuperScuffle says:

when you say 5x to 10x tank turn over do you mean display only or dislapy plus suimp? I have a 12g fluval edge i am fitting with a 10g custom sump. Do i calculate on 12g (display only) or 22g (display and sump)??

leahfiish says:

What are the issues with using a smaller than recommend pump? Will I be okay as long as I supplement my display with extra powerheads?
I have a 90g with a mag 7 and about 7′ head loss.

Phil Cusimano says:

Very well explain!

Dee From Brooklyn says:

Great video. glad you mentioned head pressure. . also pump maintainance should be a topic for future discussion

Timur says:

Royal Exclusiv Red Dragon pumps?

PsychedelicBabe says:

I have the fluval m90 it’s 130 litres and I’m looking for a good reliable yet cheap return pump the tank is an all in one system and I’ve seen so many but not sure which one is going to do what I need it to do …. do you have any recommendations ???

Ken Rosecrans says:

hey guys i have a red sea 350 sicce 3 i think…. is that big enough for the return on my system….?

Stef Styl says:

If i have a 3 gallon???

Toby Williams says:

Great video! Thanks

Billy Pipes says:

wish you had this video up a month ago lol

thatsLITfam 22 says:

I have a Nuvo 30L and am planning to add a refugium(sump won’t fit in the stand) any suggestions for a pump? Thanks!!

danny says:

building a 450g aquarium tank for fresh water. Which pump would you recommend? btw fish for tank will be african cichlids

FishyMats says:

Is a Fluval Sp4 too much for a 75 gallon display?

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