How to do Easy Water Changes using a Pump

How to do a water change the easy way. There are many ways to do a water change, this is how we do ours. We use a pond pump. It has made it quick and easy. The pond pump does all the work. It can be used to remove water from your tank and also fill it back up. The three main things to consider when choosing a pump are, water flow rate from your tap,
how far your aquarium is from your sink or bath and the height of your aquarium.

For a point of reference our flow rate from the tap is 2 gallons per minute, the distance from the tank to the sink is approximately 20ft and the height of our tallest aquarium is 51inches. Although our tap flow rate was only 120gph we need a water pump that would pump much faster than that at 396gph to pump the water the height of the tank.

The important things to remember are to never let your bucket run dry otherwise the pump can burn out. Also don’t walk off leaving your tank filling otherwise you may forget about it and it will overflow.
Items needed
Eco Submersible Pump
Water Conditioner

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PokeMORE! - Pack Openings and MORE! says:

Your fish are beautiful! I love how they swim.

sniperwipers says:

Hi , I live in the UK and can’t find the pump you listed 🙁 My tank is about 5ft high (Amazon 2ft cube, 220L -ish), could you recommend a cheap pump and some hosing please? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Nurulhairi Samsuri says:

It look easy.For me I just use the pump to remove water from the aquarium.To add back the water I just need to plug the tube to a pipe in the sink using the end of the tube.

Golden Gray says:

I would love to try this method to do water changes. I’m a little confused about the math. You said your tallest aquarium was 51 inches (4.25 feet) but you considered the two pumps recommended for 6.5 feet

whyphy 101 says:

does the eco396 come with any tubing?

Noah Alarie says:

Great video, I was about to get this, but there is chlorine in my tap water so I would have to take over 20 fish out of my tank to use the pump

Rahul G says:

Finally, no more spilled water and back pain

Aquarium Boy123 says:

Good video! Might get one

hardlivinglife says:

one question when I am ready to fill my tank back up with tap water do I add the water conditioner to my tank or water from bucket?? and how much at a time for a 75-gallon tank?? I was thinking of buying a big empty drum fill it with water then add water conditioner then pump it to my tank that’s the safest way I think for my tank.

wayne robinson says:

great video

wayne robinson says:

pump you ordered im assuming it came from usa how long did it take to arrive?

emma taylor says:

I loved this video…but when are you going to make another betta video?

JenBartable says:

What kind of tropical fish would you suggest for beginners? We have kiddos who would like to learn about fish, live plants, and snails. TIA!

Susan Briggs says:

Having worked in video production for years, you did a very professional job on your video. Being fairly new to fish keeping I’m so happy there is an alternative to dragging heavy buckets to and from the sink. Thank you so much!

AScoopofSprinkles says:

Your gold fish are sooo cute! Great info too, thanks!

moussaemad says:

I managed to get my hands on a pond pump and DAMN it made my life a lot easier. Shove the pump into the aquarium and the water is sucked out in no time. Then I put the pump into a container where I keep my already conditioned water and then pump the water into my 80G tank. Believe it or not, my water change time took on average 60-70 mins, and today I managed to do it in less than 15. I’m no longer a water boy carrying buckets back and for to the aquarium!

Bryan V says:

Great video – the clear directions were very helpful. Thanks for taking time to make and share.

CuteYoutube Gamer100 says:

Hi i have a question,Why can’t betta fish be in the same tank as eachother?

Randy Bartlett says:

Good video. I will be doing this for my water changes on my 75 gallon.

Anthony Ragan says:

I think this is exactly the solution I needed for refilling my tanks.

K B says:

you helped me figure out my big pump by sticking it in a bucket under the tap

Bright-BlueBerry says:

Thank you for this method!!!

Emmys Animals says:

could you do a vidio about how to do a water change with no vaccume please but great vidio ! xx

blissful.bunny says:

Great job, easy to understand

JenBartable says:

Thanks for this great info!

Danielle Tremblay says:

Oh my goodness this looks easy! Been doing bucket and aqueon filter for 14 yrs for my 2 40 gallon tanks and then the last 2 houses did not fit the aqueon– this will make it so much easieR- THANKS! Would love a video on the math involved to figure the right pump size.

Steven Rodenburg says:

my tank is 2 feet high which one should I get? It’s a Marineland 38 Gallon Bowfront tank

folsomreptiles says:

subbed 🙂

tcdyacks says:

I use pretty much this method, though I don’t place pump in Aquarium to drain the water. With my bucket in my tub which is lower than my tanks, I put a bit of water in bucket and turn pump on for a few seconds and then turn it off. It creates a siphon for me which drains the water out of the aquarium. I found that out after I used this method the first time. I did actually how this video said but with the PVC hook I use in the water, it starting draining after I turned off pump and figured I didn’t have to play let’s move the pump around anymore. To fill I just leave the pump on and remember to remove hook after it’s done draining. I have a demo video on my YouTube channel, though it’s not as in depth about this one.
It probably won’t work if you put the bucket higher than your tank though.

Tracee Carroll says:

This looks amazing!!! I can’t wait to try it! How do I figure out the flow rate of my water out of the tap?

Dawn Ruhl says:

I am new to YouTube videos on aquariums, and am playing “catch up”. I was wondering if you made a video on how you did those plants in the jars, I really like that for the bare bottom tanks. Thanks for sharing all this good stuff!

wrmaldonado says:

Love the accent. 😉

Keith R says:

Know pumps that stay outside the water that could do this?

The Gaming Lion says:

Sub for sub

Frooble Rippers says:

Great video, one of the better ones I’ve seen, well done! 🙂 My only issue is water temperature. My aquarium water is kept at a constant 22 degrees Centigrade, so filling the tank directly from the cold water tap would be an issue. I can’t reduce my hot water feed to less than 40 degrees either. I my well try and use a large fermentation bin (sitting in the bath, I can refill it easily there). Did you have any issues with water temperature?

Gian Volante says:

Awesome info,Thanks!

Fluff,Fins And Feathers says:

what model of UV sterilizer do you have in your goldfish Aquarium?

Blondegenius3 says:

I have a question could you drain the water in the toilet instead of the sink? My mom doesn’t want the turtle’s used water down the kitchen sink. I doubt she’ll let me use the bathroom sink either and it’s also a little bit clogged.

Christopher Boddey says:

How do you get the temp right ?

Orchid 15 says:

How do your plants grow? Do you only add fluval in the glass?

The Gaming Lion says:

I like your fish

Aquatic life says:

Nice vid learnd a lot

moussaemad says:

I’d really appreciate it if you post the link for the pump and the hose. I’m really really fed up with using buckets to and from the quarium – like a Tibetan monk.

Tracee Carroll says:

What are your thoughts on adding the prime or water conditioner into the bucket instead of into the tank itself? Wouldn’t this take care of the water being conditioned before it’s in the tank?

presouz says:

I will be passing this video to sister FYI I found a great pump option is the RIO PUMP its used for uni all in one tanks, and some have amazing flows for good prices. Amazon Prime great place I got mine

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