Jebao/Jecod DCT 12000 in Action/Review

Here I show you the Jecod DCT-12000 Marine DC Pump in use with a 6ft head on full power in a 180 gallon salt water aquarium.


Franz Holten says:

Nice!! I bought DCT-8000 for my 1000l aquarium. Gonna use it in a 200l sump 🙂

Steven Luo says:

Hey, the pump look absolutely great, but I am wondering where did u buy the plumbing. It look so nice.

Garry Thomas says:

why use flexible pipe? why not hard plumb PVC? Thats way to dangerous. Dont flood your house, go hard plumbing. Take some advice.

Fish R Relaxing says:

This is super old.. but for future viewers…. depending on stock most times you would be way better off with one outlet with one diffuser placed on one end of the tank to achieve optimum current in the tank. Multiple outlets facing multiple directions bounce back against one in other and either cancel out each other or create turbulence and lack of circulation resulting in dead spots. Usually both at the same time. The only time splitting of the outlets is better is in a very reduce flow rate. Think of a river.. they run one direction.. oceans.. rip currents at the beach which are created by water at surface flowing one direction then returning back underneath which creates waves. To achieve full circulation around anything you need a strong flow in one direction at one level which as a result creates suction behind it at the opposite level. Anyone needing proof use some sinking fish food and watch how the food moves around the tank. This will give you real time feedback on your setup as well as what works and doesn’t.. a setup like this would result in a ton of food sinking all over in all directions.. (turbulence) a proper current would yield all food slowly sinking as it moves around the tank getting lower and lower till the intent sucks it in. In a tank with sump you can’t just have surface skimming you also need an inlet near substrate level which is why canister filters are so efficient. Not an ideal setup for a sump system though as power failure would result in a flood if using bulk heads. I like to run a weir with over flow plus a bottom straining pipe hung over the tank with siphon breaks. This gives proper filtration with one return outlet as described above. My bottom stein pipe is under my return and the wire on the opposite side of the tank. This give proper skimming, straining and circulation of water.

salmanuk92 says:

nice build. how loud is the Jecod return pump?

Dino M says:

Wow! From 1 year to two days ago. Get the 1″ SCWD and have a more natural current change in tank. I like them. But lots of nay Sayers. Same with SeaSwirls for some reason. Looking at one of these for a pond. Thanks for video.

Jorge Torres says:

Cool video, can wait to see more videos on this built! , I’ll sub. check out my 125g 🙂

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