Kedsum aquarium pump review

Kedsum aquarium pump review, very cheap and easy to use, this thing has taken a beating and is still running strong. great pump for water changes, sumps, ponds, and waterfalls. Subscribe to my channel for more informational aquarium videos!

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Rath Man says:

You just called everyone, who didn’t know what head height is, a dummy…lol. I’m looking at the Kedsum 550 gph pump for a DIY filter build but it looks like it can’t be done because it doesn’t have inlet fittings.

Sasquatch Aquatics says:

Great video man, and I agree I love the mixed African cichlid group on Google Plus! Thanks for sharing!

toycar foushboy says:

Great video bro! And CONGRATULATIONS!

GDee Cichlids says:

Thx for the tip on the pump. Definitely checking this out. That vc10 is a beast!

KevC Aquariums says:

Saw ur channel on Mac. Thanks for sharing

Kevin Pitts says:

Great review video! Appreciate the M.A.C shout out! Did u share this vid to the group? I didn’t see it on there is why I asked. U should share all ur daily vids to the group. Ppl will see them and appreciate the information. As well as ppl that aren’t subbed to will see it.
That’s a main reason I promoted u. U do work on making videos and that’s what we want in the M.A.C. Would love to see u sharing these videos to the group! Appreciate the shout out as well. #MACLIFE

JRPy Fish-n-Game says:

Nice review/update. Man it sounds like that pump is built to last too. Thanks for sharing.

manny fish guy says:

Nice review bro . . I’ma definitely check out this product !!!

Angelo's Fish Tanks says:

Great review Anthony I’m in the market for a pump great review..and M.A.C is great..

BuckAnEar 69 says:

New sub (a Canadian girl recommendation) and am checking out your videos. “drop count… least 20″…..LOL


Hay I have a 55 I just ordered a sun sun wave makers that is the 800 something did I get it to big

Ry Mac cichlids says:

Just checking out some old vids of yours I just got a new pump the other day same brand but smaller used it for the first time yesterday good pump cheap money and very quiet

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