Maxi Jet 1200 Pump Review: Part 1

I would just like to share the many uses I use my Marineland Maxi Jet pump for. This is truly an awesome universal pump. Enjoy

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Kevs Hi Tek Tanks says:

Nice start, where is the rest…?

Steve Poland Cichlids says:

Nice video even with the cutoff. Looks like a great pump.

scrapironfish says:

I have one of these. No you can’t have it. Get your own. You will want one.

sSADd man says:

Agree, they are a must have!

Aarons AquariumTM says:

What will Mike do next? will he mix the saltwater or has he been abducted by Aliens? Stay tuned to the Mass Aquariums channel. Haha you Bellend.

Infamous Aquatics says:

Love this. I was actually going to make a video about thing. Well done. I always use a pump to mix salt water.

godzillafanatic385 says:

hey man just wanted to tell you that you have inspired me to keep angels and boesemanis in my tanks and your videos are great man keep doing what your doing, i always get happy when i see your vids pop up on my sub feed thanks for everything man!

Jose Tufino says:

Would it be able to rise up to 3 – 4 feet

Imad Bheda says:

It’s a great pump.i have one too…did you know you can use it as an air pump too

Copper Snow says:

this powerhead is a total overkill for my 55 gal, wish there was a regulator.

Aquarium Hobbyist says:

many uses indeed!

Jose Tufino says:

Thanks alot

Susana Arroyo says:

update us on your two reef aquariums!!

Jose Tufino says:

Can it be used as a pump for a sump

IFG says:

Cool vid.

Slim Tim says:

Fired Up!!!

NYCity Cichlids says:

I agree. And you can’t beat using a pump to do water changes.

Rich's Fishes says:

talk about a cliffhanger!  Why not use both pumps since you already own two?  Keep the white impeller on one and the purple on the other.  Save yourself a little time and aggravation of swapping out those parts every time.

Jason Lang says:

Next part!!!!!


Great review man awesome video

Tilly-TV says:


Roger Dedham says:

Mike do you believe in ufos?

AttentionJunkie says:

loud as shit. I bought one to replace a noisy one and the new one is even louder. fuck this pump

goodall1bay says:

I have heard lots of bad stuff about maxi jet, or marineland stuff of recent.
I got loads of gear old stuff, really good stuff – visit therm heaters that refuse to break, some power heads that are equally as good,
So what’s the deal?

NYCarnage says:

Do you know if that’s the same tubing that comes with the Aqueon Water Changer?

Barefoots Child says:

Quick…upload the next part dude!

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