Mini 12V DC Brushless Submersible Water Pump Review and Disassembly

Mini 12V DC Brushless Submersible Water Pump Review and Disassembly


Mostafa Mahmood says:

will it work if i reversed voltage ? will it pump the water in the other direction ?

Al Z says:

sup nigga, where you put those plugs? Electric socket, battery,etc..?

milesstarkey123 says:

how are you powering the pump?

Joshua Gonzales says:

how do you power it? I have tried batteries voltage adapters and nothing works. please help

Felipe Quiroz Sandoval says:

I can add a stopcock at the pump ? the pump will be damaged ?

Tim D. says:

Hey Lee, I was looking for parts to build a super low cost PC water cooling setup came across this pump, is it quiet enough when inside a pc case?

farmboy 34 says:

nice vid! do you think it would be enough to power a knapsack sprayer? i thought i’d convert my old manual pump knapsack, power it with a 12 v battery..thanks!

shivansh goel says:

what’s cost

Karlo Schweiger says:

Hi, can you tell me if you put tube for about 50 cm and direct it up, after it turns off will water goes back to container or will still be in the tube? Do i need use solenoid valve? Thank you

Ya ya says:

i with agree with u, about china stuff always, i mind dont buy if it lower cost made in china.

if wanna great stuff, i hope buy it made in japan. cause i know product japan always greats in asia stuff.

Seen City says:

How many psi?

Shelby Schiltz says:

how do u remove nut on submersible pump because pump motor is working but propeller wont turn because its stripped

Diana says:

To me at least, it doesn’t seem feasible to operated it from a USB charger. Is there a way to attach it to some sort of plug e.g. an appliance plug that would connect to a wall?

Hayk Azizbekyan says:

hI , thanks a lot for video. Do you know what’s happens if outlet is blocked(closed) . will it damage the pump? I guees, not since it’s magnet inside,

Synthematix says:

These are great little pumps but you have to be careful with the wire, it will break easily next to the pump if you keep bending it and i dont think you can replace the wire if that happens as the pump is thermo sealed. these will actually run on 14.2v pretty well for around 6 months constant, 12v they last about 18 months. with an “L” push on fitting they will fit directly to the back of a watercooling reservoir for cpu cooling, they are also passive meaning you can run two together if one fails the other one still carries on because water flows straight through them when they are not powered.

Ahmed Ali says:

Hello , may you answer my question

i am using it in final year project , i connected a plastic tube ended with a nozzle , i have about 60-65 cm hieght
now sometimes it’s pulsating , does that from nozzle or bad supply or the motor inside is not working good ?
i bought it 1 month ago and i only use it for a couple of mins to test it for project

MattSh says:

Can it handle tea-hot Water?

Alan Falleur says:

Does anyone have any experience powering such a pump with a solar panel?

I’m using a very similar 12 V DC pump in a shishi-odoshi (sort of a Japanese water fountain see-saw) that I’m building for my backyard garden.  The problem is I want to power the pump with a solar panel that produces about 21 volts DC in bright sunlight and a current about 150 mA.  

Hooking the solar panel up directly to the pump doesn’t work because (I assume) the pump needs more amps to run.  To solve this problem, should I use a charge controller system and/or a 12 volt rechargeable battery?

Mo Luis says:

Yeeco 200L/H Max1.5M DC 5.5-12V 6V 9V 12V Water Pump Electric Brushless Mini Submersible Pumping for Aquarium Fish Fountain Garden House Water Hydroponic

Jarred Zhang says:

Pretty good sharing, I think the most advantages of this pump is the portable, low consumption and long life. But it is not self-priming..

william belisle says:

Whats about the weight ?

TrueDesire Elements says:

Thanks so much for everything. I was wondering if I should purchase this or not. BUT after watching this, I know for a fact I want to purchase a few now. I appreciate you explaining everything about it. The pros and cons and explaining why others might have gave the bad reviews that they gave. I love everything I see about this pump.

bicicletaria pp Pantano says:

podi me da o indereço ondi compra direto

Azazelrc503 says:

Awesome review on something so inexpensive, been seeing this online but wasnt to sure about getting it. Plan on putting this in a 120mph rc build to liquid the motor. Thanks for putting my mind at ease!!

sarpijk says:

Hi, I got one of these pumps for my aquarium. I use it for automatic top-offs. While I was away on holiday the bucket in which the pumb was , run out of water so now the pump does not work. Anyway to fix it?

Recon94xita says:

Hi 🙂 this pump is powerful ? work good?

Offgrid professor says:

that was funny, lmao 4 screws, 1,2,3,4, yep

Lechista says:

hi will it work corrently if i connect this into a 12v molex from a computer psu, and is it efficient enough to work in a small water cooling loop ?

Dale Bergeron says:

I picked up a few of these less than $6 ea. I’m using it on medical equipment that ice water from basin. I don’t have mine submerged. It is nearly silent when pumping. Transformer and run cooler than similar pumps. Thanks for the tear down.

WebMagrinho says:

man, any problem in run it on 5v only ? ( in my fans i put 2 lines from psu, 12v and 5v, on switch on off on, i get to speeds on fans,) i this if possible same results on this pump. fire up with 5vdc

cr0cket01 says:

you thought putting a water filter on it so it a 12v wate3er prifyer?

Carlos Arruda says:

I have one just like this one.
I thought this would have sufficed at getting water through 100m of 4mm inner diameter of drip pipe but it struggles.
It does however work well on shorter lengths of pipe.

Tr Electric says:

Great demo. I need one to circulate liquid in an etching bath. Looks like 240l/H will paint my walls with dangerous chemicals so I might go for an 80-120 instead. I’m just wondering does the water flow touch any metalic parts inside? Many thanks.

Harrison Muiruri says:

Can it lift water to a 3m height when connected to a hose pipe outlet?

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