Nero 5 Pump Review

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Just me says:

Hi! I really like that poster where all coral kinds are in displayed, where can I get that poster?

Silke Stopper says:

Hey do. you put your pumps so high? Will you ever get a flow on the bottom? And will they bring out a model for thicker glas?

Brandon Prestie says:

Great review Jake. You’ve really upped your B roll game!

Chris Locke says:

So NOT “full disclosure”… unsubscribed, money-hungry-deceitful-hobbyist… this is noth)ing but a commercial you were paid for… next time SAY SO!

darkwing says:

What’s the smallest tank you’d put this relatively strong pump on? Would it be too much for a IM 25 gallon lagoon? Alternatively I’d get an MP10. Thanks!

Dee From Brooklyn says:

If the holes in the back intake side were smaller I’d try it but in afraid my smaller curious fish would end up caught in the back

s13sr20killer says:

I’d just really like to know the difference between the Nero and waveline wave puck 2. I have the wave pucks and absulity love the programmability of them with the connected controller. The plus is that the wavepuck is also only 139.99 retail.

The Reefer says:

Nice review Jake. The wide flow is interesting. I read some forum posts of people replacing their gyres with this. Think this is better than a gyre?

guapodidier2099 says:

300 dlls???? Thats bullshit.

Mike B says:

So here’s the 64 dollar question, or I should say the 50 dollar question. A Nero 5 for $299, or a Vortech MP40QD for $349, price point is fairly similar so is it a 50 dollar wireless pump? Or is the MP40 just a superior all around device? Gotta say though, not sure why but I’m not digging that teal/blue propeller.

TheWoolyninja4 says:

Pretty sure that Mp10’s would be just as good for what your doing given they have this as a baked in feature… With both being about the same price i think the only difference between the 2 pumps from a glance is Nero is more low profile while Mp10 has no cord in the water. I would say that is the option being made here and that on paper these pumps should be capable of what you are doing equally well.

ExopMan says:

Representing Greenwich Aquaria!

M5Stef says:

sorry but i doubt you will see any coral difference in a week!

caliboy 415 says:

He like F**K that box lol

Alessio C says:

Can we get an overall fishroom update including a note on the freshwater tank that we never see?

ReefDudes says:

Nice review, I have been using one for a few weeks now. great little pump! very flexible in its uses .

twinturbo111 says:

If I have a long peninsula aquarium (6 feet long x 60cm wide), would these be too wide of a flow and wont reach other side? I’m super sensitive to noise and i’m starting to get annoyed at my second generation Gyre’s pulse sound. thank you

Patty O'Grady says:

Can you show us the phone app next time for these? Or did I miss it?

Jonathan Collins says:

People keep hating on your hair…

Man, do what the fuck YOU want!!

katani reef says:

Jake how is silence vs. MP’s you have been using so far?

Reefin Jess says:

Bro, ur hair matches the Nero 5 color scheme…nice.

muffemod says:

Wobble Cock pumps

leahfiish says:

I would have loved to see the control options on the app and how the flow actually looks in the tank at different settings.

AL Gaming/unboxing says:

Your are not an Apex guy, any reason why ?
I had a bad experience with Apex but a Guy like you that has been in this hobby for years is quit interesting to know why.


Tiago Ribeiro Aquatics says:

Nice video brother, hello from Brazil. 🙂

emski2005 says:

Another great Video Jake

Reef N Stuff says:

has that tank always been bare bottom?

Eddie Diederich says:

Nice looking pumps. I was wondering how good they were.

Simply Reefing says:

That was great info those pumps look awesome

Andrew Lucfr says:

Got one. Got issue with it. Returned it for store credit. Use back my MP40.

David MacGruer says:

A possible idea to tidy the cables on your cube reef would be Black Plastic Paper Spine Binders? £2.99 for a few on Ebay. Just a Thought. They would easily clip over the edge on each side and make a nice neat trim to hide the cables.

Sam L says:

I can’t get into this super expensive stuff. $300 for a pump come on

KillaCaliMan1 says:

Still think its a rip off !!!

Jeffry Johnston says:

Tank’s looking good

Stephen Garay says:

Do you know if it can be tuned down enough for a 20g nano?

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