New “no name” Water Circulation Pump Review

Picked up a new water circulation pump off eVilBay for $12. I have two other “no name” water circ pumps in my 120 gallon discus tank. They have worked great. This pump is rated at 530 gph. I am confident it will work great and do the job I bought it for.


Amber Courtney says:

Sounds great! 🙂

The Fish Closet says:

y do you keep referring to ebay as evil?  I’ve had mostly good experiences buying a wide range of items. 

TM Aquatics says:

The new Water Pump is in the tank and performs extremely well.  Like any generic or “knock off” product, buy at your own risk. 

joe Vasquez says:

Got this installed last night, love it.

Brad Johnson says:

Impressive! Great buy!

K00L VIDEOS says:

great video! i just bout Interpet aquarium filter. its great

almcloud says:

Sounds like a good pump, I hope it will serve you well. Thanks for sharing!

Carlos M. says:

I was considering getting a circulation pump for my 55 planted at a rate of 240gph. How is this pump holding up for you on your 120?

Hindsight Aquatics says:

Hmmm…I’ve looking at getting one of the koralias pumps for my 75g tank , but maybe I’ll give the sunsuns a shot. Are your 800gph pumps sunsun as we’ll?

Rico Suave says:

llooks real nifty….gtfo i have those same 800gph ones they are beastly i had 3 of them on  a 55 

petlover997 says:

Hey can I get the link to this product?

Brian's Fish Tanks says:

Good review, I’ll have to try one. Can you email me the link?

NickMach007 says:

Good review. Wise man to test for stay current.

streetsharklmtd says:

I’ve been looking at that same pump too for my 75 gallon. the propeller seems more closed in and I have 6 veil tail angels and I’m always worried about them getting caught up in a more open propeller guard.

Zet Aquarium says:

I believe its sun sun circulation pump!

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