Power Head Circulation Pumps- Flow Demo

Considering having a flow conversion at Everything Aquatic forum:

20 US Gallon Long Aquarium – 30x12x12 inc
Reviewing different aquarium power head pumps about their flow and how the flow actually looks with affects on the water. This video is to help planted tank and reef keepers understand how much flow each pump provides. Hopefully, this video will help others determine how much flow they need for their tanks.

More information about these pumps here:

Combined Suggested Aquarium Turnover Rates (per hours):

5 times for an average non-planted freshwater aquarium
2-5 times for an average planted freshwater aquarium
2-3 times Betta or Fish Fry Grow-Out aquariums
6-10 times for high bio load aquarium such as a “Monster Fish” aquarium- Also for packed planted aquarium for algae control.

Resource for Freshwater Basics

8-10 times for an average fish only aquarium
10-12 times for an average FOWLR or very basic reef tank (FOWLR = Fish only with live rock)
14-20 times for an Advanced Reef Tank
With Acropora and Montipora coral, which are often at the top of the reef, these can require as high as 40-50 times per hour combined circulation!
DO NOT make the incorrect assumption that the wave activity at the top of the reef means corals, anemones, etc that live in more protected areas of the reef need the same flow rates as Acropora and Montipora corals.

Resource for Marine Basics

Another video about flow: Power Head vs. Air Pump

Resource for pumps:

Pumps reviewed in this video:

Propeller Pumps- Softer broad water flow rather than the
more harsh and directed flow of traditional Power Head Water Pumps.

SunSun JVP 102 – Adjustable Directional Propeller
1320 gph- 5000L/h
12 Watt
Suction Cup or Mag

SunSun JVP 201 – Adjustable Directional Propeller
1585 gph- 6000L/h
12 watt
Suction Cup or Mag

Seio 320 – Adjustable Directional Propeller
4.5 watt
302 gph- 1200L/h

Seio 520 – Adjustable Directional Propeller
7.5 watt
530 gph- 2000L/h

SunSun JP-23- Directions Pump
16 watt
264 gph- 1000L/h
Includes Aeration/Air injection feature

SunSun HJ-752- Internal Submersible Powerhead Filters
10 watt
158 gph close to 600L/h
Spray Bar adapter
Also comes in HJ-952 (210 gph)

Rio 1000 Pump
13 watt
271 gph/1030L/h
90 85 gph

Comes in 600 – 9.5 watt 200 gph
1100 – 23 watt 382 gph
1700 – 33 watt 642 gph

VorTech MP10 1500 gal 6,000 h/l
MP40- 450 gal 17000 h/l
MP60 750 28000h/l

Koralia Nano
(900-1600 L/H) (240-425 GPH)

Jebao WP25
1100-3400 gph

Maxi Jet 400 500gph
Maxi Jet 600 750gph
Maxi Jet 900 1000gph
Maxi Jet 1200 1300gph
Koralia Evo
(3200-4400-5600 l/h) (600-850-1150-1500 gph)

泵 动力头 流


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All the things says:

Hi, i have a question, there is a way to hide the cables? with the magnetic option the cable is outside the tank or something?


i have a power head filter in my aquarium but can i run the sponge filter at same time in same aquarium???

Martin Pennington says:

i want a quieter aeration system will this pump provide the same aeration as an external air pump and is it quieter being under water?

Zenith says:

My tank size is 24x15x24(inches)-37 Gallon.Is it safe to use 3000L/hr wavemaker keeping neon tetra, rasbora, rummy nose, glowlight, along with clown loaches??

Angelu Quijencio says:

Does it also create oxegen

Jon Dillon says:

the pump you display at 330 with co2 injection…..does it make small co2 bubbles or would they be large?

Nazib Uddin says:

I have a small aquarium with length 16 inch , breadth 8 inch and height 8 inch 5 gallon . The water is getting cloudy with in 2 days. so i have placed a filter in it . but the problem is as the aquarium is small the filter is attracting or pulling the fish too. so the fish can not swim freely. so what should i do? Please give me a suggestion as i cant change water every 2 days

Psycho Dad says:

What would be a good power head for my 20 long

Ryan Duminiet says:

Liters > Gallons

Niele Grace Prima says:

when the flow start, what did you put in there ??? thaht thing?? air pump (function) or just a tube??

Skylar Grace Barnett says:

What do you recommend for an RES?
He is 4 inches and in a 40 gallon, which will be upgraded as he grows.

Tahoe Latte says:

how to kill ur fish

Mic Micson says:

Hi, American Aquarium

I lost my two parts of topfin powerhead 30.

1. Adjustable water nozzle
2. water flow regulator

So, where do I buy only two parts? Thank you.

Frank Wite says:

Great video, thanks for sharing

XxWolfGamingxX says:

How large is the tank these pumps are being displayed in?

Dan Kerns says:

looks like the fish are having trouble swimming with the sunsun

Mo Beall says:

I have a 55 gallon planted tank with live Barriers (mollies). I need good desolated oxygen but stable enough not to stress the fish out. Which powerhead do you recommend for my tank?

TheLuckyFisherman says:


it is very helpful video
i have questions because i want to use saltwater fish aquarium in my house

1- is circulation pumps enough to make oxygen or i need to use oxygen device with circulation pumps?
2- is this device is compatible with my country power 230 V
3- how i can buy this device?


Jon Dillon says:

I have a 75 planted breeder tank…what would you recommend? I have a co2 diffuser and if like to place one of these above it to circulate my water

kevin matechak says:

I have a 65 gallon tank which is tall not long I am running a filstar xp3 Which is a big filter that has a spray nozzle not a spray bar so it gives my tank water tension on the top nothing to crazy I just bought a hydor circulation pump and wanted your opinion on where to install it? should I install it up top with the filter spray nozzle and get more surface tension? or since the tank is so tall position it down below to give water movement on the bottom since like I said it is a tall tank. one last thing. if I install it near the bottom how should I angle it? straight? or point it up a little? same question goes for if you think it would be better up top
thanks in advance for whatever help you can give me

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