Reduce Noise from your Pumps | How To Tuesday If your tank is in a common living area you’ve probably wondered how to keep the noise down on your pumps before.

There are two types of sound that may come from a pump; operational and vibration. For the most part, the only way to have reduced operational noise starts at purchase. A lot of the cheaper pumps come with a trade off for the dollar savings and noisy operation is often one of them. Some of the quietest pumps operationally we have found are the Eheim Compacts and the Sicce Syncra Silent line.

Vibration noise is simple to mitigate; we really just want to reduce the transfer of vibration from the pump to any surface. Some pumps come with options to assist with this such as rubber feet or suction cups. However, not all pumps come with these options. Here’s where the silicone mats from OXO come in! Just set one below the pump and the silicone material does an awesome job of absorbing the vibration and isolating the pump with drastically reduces overall noise.

For heavy, external pumps you can also use a sound dampening pad which are a combination of foam and rubber and go under your pump. You could use this in addition to the silicone mats to even further silence the vibration.

If you have any tips on how you keep your pumps silent, a type of pump you have found to be really quiet or questions for the community; check out the comments area down below. If you haven’t already hit that subscribe button because we release two helpful reefing videos like this every week. See you next week with another episode of BRStv.

Kessil’s new prototype LED fixture offers a pair of dense matrix LED’s which are larger than their standard size matrix. The new larger matrix is covered by the new “fisheye” reflector that scatters light to create a nice uniform light distribution. This light distribution can easily cover a three foot space. The new light fixture features a sleek, low profile design, ducted fan, and brand new touch button controls that allow you to change the colors and intensity.

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corey schneider says:

Lifegard Aquatics Quiet One Pro Pumps model 3000 .most reliable and quiet pump i have ever used. this pump sits in my sump 4 feet from my bed and you cant hear a thing.  i highly recommend it never had a problem with it. i got a mag drive one time and it was loud as hell i will never buy mag pumps again. i thought it was just a fluke pump but had a replacement sent and that one did same thing. if you want a super quiet pump go with the Lifegard Aquatics Quiet One Pro Pumps.

Karen Rosen says:
Alfred Munoz says:

Very happy to know about this tip

monolikesmen says:

Now I just need a way to stop the draining and waterfall noise of the wet/dry and I wouldn’t have to always watch TV with subtitles on :p

Pernille Skov Sander says:

i am using centrifugal pump…but the noise source is not operating noise … its due to cavitation induced noise…Could you please suggest me any method that is recently be used to reduce cavitation noise ???

dave dec says:


Benjamin Mace says:

Another budget option is silicone oven mitts. It’s the same concept but they are smaller so there is less waste. You can typically get them at big box discount stores like Big Lots, Marshall’s and TJ Maxx. They typically run about $2-$3 and do an amazing job on reducing noise.

Orfagz Star says:

Can this method work for condominium water pump ? (big pump)

Martins Reef says:

Another great tip Ryan This is a problem I’m working on at the moment on my tank build I think I am going to place a thick rubber matting under the entire sump and use another one under my Jebao return Pump

Ryan Simmons says:

My sicce 3.0 is super loud. Did I just get a dud. I’ve cleaned it out and tried different flow settings.

Kawwwman says:

I have my pumps suspended a inch off the bottom. no vibration at all. pump has nothing under it but water.

Kimo Anany says:

Am I the only one hearing the similarities of this guys voice to the voice of Trump? 😀

Francisco coto says:

I put rubber under the pump and fix the problem

rck329 says:

Sicce owners – do you remove the inlet cover to reduce noise?  I’m on the fence about mine… seems like it has the potential to rattle…

Carlos Hernandez says:

Cool idea! I was having noise problems. Thanks!

brsund06 says:

Now if only they made a sump with a bottom like this

Let's Evolve says:

The issue with my tanks is not the vibration of the pump its the noise that travels through the tube into the tank?

T Surro says:

I use your silicon hoses, pricey but worth it, I wish they came in a darker color, they seem to get an orangeish slime on the inside, I think because of sunlight!!

Ray Chipchase says:

nice! I just put a sponge/scrubber pad under my mag pump and it helped greatly

spllbnd2 says:

Great info and ideas for reducing the noise from the sump area on our tanks. I personally use a eheim 1260 for my 65 gallon reef return. Even with rubber feet it is still slightly too noisy for the spouse, so I think I may try out one of the silicone mats that are featured in your video.

misty silver says:

gosh never mind the noise of a air pump his voice is to loud

kanda kumar says:


BulkReefSupplyCom says:

+Jake Daniels – No particular reason.  Both are really solid and quiet pumps, but we’ve always had good luck with Sicce.  

7777Ralph says:

Let’s be honest, there has to be ways to silence air pumps and water pumps when you compare how much more noise a car engine makes and yet it can be silenced with a small muffler.  This video was practically useless.  Just very general information on taking away a bit of vibration that is common sense and has nothing very innovative worth mentioning.  Some here have even tried the solutions outlined in the video and have said it makes the problem worse.

Jeremy Braband says:

Hey Ryan and BRS crew!

What about the Aquatec 8800 RODI Booster Pump? I have it screwed onto a 2×4 which is itself anchored onto a cinder block wall (foundation wall) in the basement. The stock vibration dampening is certainly working however, it still does not overcome the vibration which is passed by the screws and contact to the 2×4 and then to the wall.

I tried a silicon pad between the pump and the 2×4, rubber grommets on the screws, and silicon pads between the pump->2×4 and 2×4->wall. Yet every time that I open the spigot at the kitchen sink, or open the line leading to my water station, I can hear the vibration throughout the house. This is a common problem (based on read online forums).

Do you have any ideas based on your experience that I may have not tried yet?

Patrick Testerman says:

Great ideas! Note that the hose barbs used to connect the silicone & vinyl tubing can add a fair amount of head loss, so it’s a good idea to upsize one or two sizes when you add them in line to minimize the impact

mahboob rahman says:

I watch all you videos and like them I bought sicce pump just by watching your video and this pump is noisy so many plz don’t advertise for few dollars

dannysreeftank says:

Wish this video would of came out before my last order:D any advice on initial light settings for a kessil a360WE order that from Bulk as well as the  kessil side clamp for hanging on a 8 gallon zoanthid garden no controller yet=[ Any advise would be helpful since its only for zoanthids.

themrb007 says:

Can I just bolt through the sound dampening pad on my Dart/Snapper, by drilling holes and use rubber grommets at the bolt heads?

bentlikeitsmaker says:

I use fluval sp 2 pump for water changes and even just sitting on a steel bathtub running without the base its farley quiet with base can barley hear it and for those booster pumps pull them off and use doublesided taped foam under the feet and screw through the foam till its just compressing enough it wont rattle on the screws

Chris Radici says:

Quick question – I am 5 months into a 187 gallon reef tank + 35 gallon sump.  All high quality equipment (skimmer, two filter socks, biopellet, UV, etc.), spent like $15k on the set up.  There is a tank at my LFS and the water is crystal clear, very little particles floating around.  My tank is crystal clear, however, I have a ton of floating particles.  I have used Clarity, Coral Snow plus changing out my filter socks every couple of days.  Also tried feeding less, vacuumed the sump, etc.  All of my parameters are perfect, however my ALK was at 7 (now at 8.2), and Calcium was high at 525.  I am dosing less calcium and more alkalinity to see if that will get rid of the particles, since I think it is calcium buildup that is not being absorbed into the water.  Thoughts on this?  Advice on how to get rid of the particles?  Thanks.

DanceTweety Looney Tune says:

great tips

Melvin Jansen says:

You sound like that funny cerebral palsey guy

Ifixstuf says:

I used to build car stereo systems. To reduce the noise and rattles we used a product called dynamat. The first night the tank was in our room I was on amazon buying it. I installed it inside my stand, and now my house fan on low,makes more noise.

Junaid Malik says:

i got the oxo mat, waste of money it keeps floating up and plus the suction feet dont stick on the mat

Jake Daniels says:

Why is sicce you’re favorite out of the two is it quieter than eheim?

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