(:Review:) EcoPlus 396GPH Submersible/Inline Water Pump ~Pond/Hydroponics/Laser/Aquarium

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~~Video Details~~
I bought this pump to be a circulation pump for cooling a 40Watt CO2 Laser. This pump is easily adequate for that task and a great buy at just over $20. I figured why stop there? Let’s put it to the test so you all know exactly what it’s capable of. Will it work for your Koi Pond, hydroponics, aquaponics, aquarium, waterfall, etc???

Watch the video for full testing and review…

Test Results:
Max Lift using 3/4″ 25Ft Garden Hose in Submerged Mode: 6Ft
Max Height No Hose using suppled 1/2″ barb fitting: 39″

Watch the video for full application test results

+ Quiet
+ Powerful for it’s size
+ Large, well designed filter design will last longer between cleanings in a pond
+ completely encased motor windings and Magnet
+ Strong Magnet
+ Can be completely disassembled and serviced
+ Ceramic rod and bearing sheath for chemical/salt water resistence
+ Pumps 6Ft through 3/4″ hose

– No Flow Control, but this helps filter design

I would buy it again. Will update review if it stops working or develops issues.

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Avijit Dey says:

ecoplus 100gph can use on dry surface.pls reply??????????????

Firstname Lastname says:

in a 5 gal bucket i imagine this making a huge mess… perhaps the 396 GPH pump too powerful for the system..
are there atomizer attachments ?

sdq sdq says:

funny how this pump is label as submersible , yet it can work inline , puzzled

Obama says:

I love your placement of the power cord when you were testing the pump.

Nicole S says:

Sold! Excellent review! Thanks for taking the time to post this!

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