(:Review:) KedSum 770 GPH Pump 65 Watt for Aquarium/Hydroponics/Fountain/Pond/Laser Water Pump

Get This Pump on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B017R709UE/?tag=kedsum-770-20

This is the 3rd pump I have reviewed. The second from KEDSUM.
This is a worthy pump for the price. It is built well and has better rubber suction cup feet than the other pumps I have reviewed.

I put this thing to the test in both a standing water fountain test and a full lift test using a standard 3/4″ garden hose.
Fountain Test – 28″ of lift
Lift Test – 8Ft of total lift

It is a straight submersible pump with no flow control. If you are looking for a pump that can be used in-line or something that has flow control you will want to look at another model.
KEDSUM makes another line of pumps with higher output and flow control:
Check my other reviews for info on those models.

For the price, this is a great basic pump. It isn’t easy lifting water 8ft through a garden hose, but this pump does it.

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Zamann nice song Lashari says:

Is this pump DC or ac

tangobayus says:

The coiled hose does provide a lot of resistant to the flow.

Fish Keeping Jamaica says:

Interesting vid. I am from Jamaica, I have a small fish farm. I am interesting in getting a few of those pumps. I will communicate latter on t hat. I would like you to check out my Vids on Youtube @ Fish Keeping Jamaica . You sub my channel I sub yours. I will also put a link from my page to yours if you wish. Thanks in advance.

Jerry George says:

can i use a 40W pump for connecting to drip irrigation system. need to pump water to 16-20 potted plants with half of the pots at 6 ft height

faiqa ilham says:

can use these pumps for water falls?



મોહંમદઅલી ખરોડિયા says:


Chad Davis says:

Nice review. I am installing 8 of these in my fish room to make my water changes more automated with out having to drill tanks.

Giacomo Deana says:

the power is adjustable?

chhotu singh says:

you mother fucker

General Disarray says:

can use these to recycle water to hose to sprinkler to cool metal buildings roof and walls if you have correct catch system for water to recycle it. thanks

FZ faiz media says:

How to control the output flow rate

donjen3 says:

You skip the hose hookup

Trying to fish Lange says:

How many gph for a 20 gallon?

Tyler Owen says:

The extra 20 ft of hose reduces the amount of water pressure. If the hose was only 8′ long you’d have more pressure at the 8′ height.

Ana Santos says:

SAS kkk

Christie Lasula says:

you pump what brand is it

Nava Surya says:


OgMandin0 says:

Did you measure GPH? Cause I measured a smaller Kedsum pump and it was only 50% of what was on the box. I’ve found a lot of Asian devices are actually 220v. rewired to 110v. for the US market. =FWIW, JMO. Good Review!

Donna Penman says:

exactly what I needed to know! Thanks for this! Just got one for an aquaponics set up and this should do the trick. 🙂

Ajay Tiwari says:

Cooler pump stamping machine manufacturer in Delhi

Abid Kannur6870 says:

How many meters can you get?

Shashikant Yadav says:

Hey there,I am making the hydroponic system for engineering project proposes,my system height is 6 feet,pipe length is 10 feet.i want to flow water to 6 pumps exactly same,which motor will be good for me?your giudence is very important to me.

Bujji Goud says:


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