SUNSUN JVP-110 Wave Maker aquarium circulation pump review


Lisa DeMayo says:

hey there. how do you pop open the pump to get at the impeller for cleaning, etc?

varanidguy says:

Still going strong? Thinking about adding one of these to my 40 breeder with plants and South American fish (which don’t like a bunch of current/flow). What do you think?

jordan says:

mine is making a bunch of noise in the water did i get a bad impeller??

Keston Frizzle says:

Mines skipping the propeller doesn’t work underwater

Nick Nelson says:

@AquariGuns Very good video 😀

Yoga Pants says:

what’s ur tank size?

Mick Hicks says:

I can hear no noise from them are they fairly quiet.Thanks

Long Beach In NYC says:

“Sun Sun” and Aquatop product are supposedly made at the same Asian company….Aquatop is just made for English speaking countries

John McGarva says:

I bought two of theses and it came with a normal standard USA plug, but it stays its a 220v-240v/50hz voltage on the box.. Is this a type-o? All the 220v Ive seen is a lot bigger of a plug. It works just fine in a normal outlet but I dont need anything frying.. Any advice? Thanks

Eman Biswas says:

Hiii, I just bought one for my 29G planted tank… Do you think the flow will be overkill even if i face it towards the top surface of the tank?
I Got Vals,Wisteria, some crypts,bacopa etc …
Will be a lot of help if you replied soon.

K War says:

Biggest peice of crap I have ever bought. It worked for 3 min then died….NEVER BUY SUN SUN CRAP!

AquariGuns says:

Wanted to let everyone know, almost 2 years been running these inexpensive wave makers, still going strong! None have failed yet, I did have to pop one open and do a super cleaning and apply silicone grease, then GOOD TO GO again. For how cheap these were, I’m impressed!

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