Switching from air stone to circulation pump.

via YouTube Capture


Miccoh Mendoza says:

What model circulation pump is that?

MASS Aquariums says:

Will do. I have another one coming in the mail. Gonna run 2. One in each side

NickMach007 says:

Awesome man. Just keep an eye on everyone, but you should be fine.

dropthe_bass 21 says:

Quick question, I have jungle val in my aquarium. One is doing great and propagating but my other plants and melting off. I’m dosing flourish, iron and potassium. I also have root tabs

MASS Aquariums says:

That sucks no pun intended. They got pretty good reviews. What kind or pump do you recommend

Gary Duncan says:

So what did you think about the aqueon circulation pumps? I don’t see them in your tanks currently.

kanda kumar says:

 suction is rubbish on those wavemakers drops off in a few weeks

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