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Darrin Hawkey says:

like the vid but i will stick with reef Octopus,, i can control them with my Apex

Dale J says:

I’m sorry but the Vectra L1 was bad with all kinds of problems with the motor freezes up in about 4 months . I went through 3 of them and other people says the same . Ecotech needs to fix this problem for a 450 dollar pump it is a joke . Went to a 15,000 Jaebo just as quiet for more gph for over a year no problems

Klemmetsmo Reefing says:

I’ve been waiting on the L1 to come back in stock for a new build for months! Now I hear that they are pushed out until September??? I can’t wait any longer and went with a Reef Octopus dc pump begrudgingly. Has anyone heard what the deal is with the L1 being out of stock though? I suspect they’re upgrading it?

ReeferGil says:

Not Apex ready in case you were hoping for full control of its features. Bought M1 2 years ago assuming it was Apex ready. It’ll be going on my Brute trash can. Disappointed.

Bryan P says:

Just in time as I am looking to upgrade my return pump…im looking able to dial down the pump and also offer a feed mode…i wonder if this will be sufficient for a 60g cube

Roi says:

Only Jake can talk for 7 minutes non stop on a regular return pump

Brad Goldberg says:

Great video and thank you for the breaking news. I am surprised to see so much negativity in the comments. Ecotech makes great products and their customer service is second-to-none. I use both the M1 and mp10 on my tank and although I have had a few issues with the mp10, ecotech has been quick to respond and rectify my issues. I use an apex and really have no issues with using the Ecotech reeflink as well. While Apex integration would certainly be a bonus, ecotech still makes the best controllable pumps on the market as far as I can tell and have even deployed Amazon Echo integration. Now if they would only start supporting their Aquaillumination lights with the reeflink, I would be a very happy camper.

Jason Johnson says:

Can’t wait to get one

915Mang says:

Good Video, But they sent you the pump, you could of showed us the impeller yourself. The differences from the L, M, S

DiepBlueC says:

There really is no reason other than lower demand and smart sales planning for releasing the S1 later. I appreciate the video and your reefing journalism, but there is sooooo much conjecture here about the differences from S1 to M1/L1 and that is a little bit of a bummer. To be clear, you come to market with the more expensive options so that everyone who might buy one of your pumps buys one that is as big or bigger than they need (as long as you can fit it). Then you come out with the smaller version that has a lower profit level but is a better fit for most reefers a few years later. Just like you said, you bought an M1 but if the S1 was out, you would have bought that (better fit). Its just smart marketing. They are cool pumps though!

ReefDudes says:

I think this would be great inside of a larger skimmer. I sure hope they come out with a needle wheel impeller for it 🙂

420skidrow says:

yes yes finally i been waiting for it to fit in my JBJ-45! GETTING IT RIGHT AWAY

Reef Hack says:

Apex compatibility would be an awesome upgrade

Jase Poag says:

They’re neat, but I’ve never really seen much of a reason to have more than an on/off setting for a return pump. It’s just adding another controller and another layer of complexity to potentially fail while not really adding much benefit.

ReefingwithO says:

I really can’t commit to anymore ecotech products until my current Vectra Pump works with the Apex. The pump is silent and reliable but I purchased it hoping it would integrate with the Apex.

The smart features don’t mean much to me if I can’t integrate them into my overall system. Why have to login to a single system to control my pump when I planned on having everything else connected to the apex.

David P says:

great video, I just got one of these for my 75 gallon

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