Aquarium Air Pump Review

UPDATED RANKING ►► Disclaimer: These choices may be out of date. You need to go to to see the most recent updates to the list. Our complete review, including our selection for the year’s 10 Aquarium Air Pump, is exclusively available on FishFindly. These 10 Aquarium Air Pump Video Buying Guide Included Products Are: […]

Unboxing the Alita 80 air pump. It’s suppose to be the best on the market. Let’s see how it performs! Alita 80 Pump- 18 valve manifold- Air Stone Balls- 9/11/18 – 500 views

Today I got a very much needed upgrade for the fish room, an EcoPlus Commercial Air 1 air pump. This will more than double my current pump’s output and reduce the number of needed pumps in my fish room.

The Phantom Ultrasonic Air Pump is the quietest air pump I’ve ever used! It has a great little suction cup that allows it to latch on to the side of your tank and seemingly disapear. My biggest problem with air pumps is the space that they take up. I have several other air pumps, and […]

A product review on a 20-60 gallon Aqua Culture aquarium air pump. I had to do this for a college speech class. – Buy this pump instead. They sell them with 8 air outlets which is A LOT! Active Aqua Air Pump: These vivosun commercial air pumps are garbage. I got my for betta when I was 9. I had him for 5 years before he died. I have loved all creatures, finned, feathered and […]

I often get asked about having an air pump in an aquarium. In this video I share a few reasons why an air pump in your fish tank will benefit you. New Videos Twice Per Week (Wednesdays & Sundays)! Subscribe: Instagram: Facebook: Website: Please Support via Patreon: Email: follow the […] – These pumps are super quite and one of the best sellers of today. They also have an adjustable dial WHICH HELPS! Here is an amazon link: Fluval Q2 Pump: My honest review on the fluval Air Pump Q2 series. They also have the fluval Q1 and fluval Q3 too. More topics: Do […]

Winner Aeolus is an aquarium air pump, 15L air pump good for 12 aquarium tank, it is a 8 watts air pump by samyu pacifica with a limited warranty of 2 years. This air pump is great for your aquarium

In this video, I review an air pump sent to me by the Amazon store Mylivell, located in China. Enjoy the video! Here is the link to the product if you wish to purchase it. Thank you for watching Flynn’s Fish Forum! Please subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already, like this video, […]

I bought aquarium air pump from china. In this video I will be reviewing it.

My waterfall for my fish tank started to slow down so I’m adding an air pump to the tank to be sure the fish have enough oxygen. It took a little longer than I expected, but wasn’t too complicated. I think the fish are happy. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: “DJI Spark – Can it Film a […]

The aPump from collar company is really much more quiet than other air pumps in the market. But still make some noise.

This is a video vlog comparing 2 small air pumps for small aquariums. The Aqueon quietflow 10 vs the Tetra Whisper. I also included a power filter comparison in case the air pump was used as a sponge filter. I found it difficult deciding which pump I should get based on noise levels. It was […]

In this video, I’m test two air pumps to see which is best.


Top Fin air pump 8000, cheap aquarium fish tank pump. I picked this aquarium pump up about 1 month ago and decided to do a little review, after getting many questions as to how i get so much flow through my sponge filters. hope this review helps in your decision. Subscribe to my channel for […]

I found this on ebay and I’m impressed with the low noise but I have not tested it with all the air stones yet, so until this is updated I can only say I’m happy it wont upset the neighbors. Sonic P-45 Noise-Free Air Pumps Model P-45 LPM 45 Pressure (Kpa) 35 Looking for good […]

This Pump as you saw will work on tanks as deep as 24 inches. So 55 gallon tanks 125 , and 75 gallon standard dimension tanks are all within range of what this pump can handle. So long as what you are running is a sponge filter your fish will be fine, if your attempting […]

Recently an aquarium air pump manufacturer reached out to me to to ask if I would be interested in testing their air pump, which they claim to be the quietest on the market. New Videos Twice Per Week (Wednesdays & Sundays)! Subscribe: Instagram: Facebook: Website: Please Support via Patreon: Email: […]

American Aquarium Products review demo the aquarium Fusion Air Quite Pump. Including the Fusion 300 air pump, Fusion 600 Air Pump and the Fusion 700 Air Pump. These pump are the most quite air pump and could help how to make aquarium air pump air pump quieter. Using a 4 inch airstone and new airline […]

Do you want to improve the quality of life for your fish and make your aquarium look awesome with a fish tank air pump? Look no further because here you will find reviews for the best aquarium air pumps on the market! We’ll help you decide on the best make and model for your fish […]

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