Aquarium Diffuser Review

In this video I quickly show you how to set up aquarium co2 system with tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way. We use many co2 tanks at the shop for the plants we sell online. ✅Subscribe to see more great videos: ✅Get Member Status on Youtube ► ✅Our Monthly Give Away […]

This is a look at the new UP Aqua inline atomizer. Now with a replaceable ceramic diffusion cylinder you no longer have to repurchase your CO2 atomizer, you need only replace the ceramic atomizing cylinder. Perfect for keeping your CO2 equipment out of your tank, and hidden away with the rest of your equipment.

These three best planted tank nature aquarium aquascapes are my favourites in Aquarium Gardens. Aquascaper 600, Aquascaper 900 and Aquascaper 1500 by Evolution Aqua. What’s your favourite and answer the question to win a Neo Diffuser from Aquario! More Neo Diffusers to give away soon, so there’s more chances to win! Keep on ‘scaping George […]

If you have planted aquarium with plants that require high CO2 dose and proper lighting for example attractive plants like baby tears, some carpeting grass etc. then you might need a CO2 Injection system for your planted aquarium. Now most of the CO2 injection system are costly costing above 25000 INR or more than $ […]

ON SALE NOW! Check out the Flow Swing HERE: Eliminate dead spots in your aquarium, with the crazy-affordable Aquatic Life Flow Swing! SUBSCRIBE: Visit Us Online: Like Us on Facebook: Follow Us on Twitter: Check Us Out on Instagram: ***DISCLAIMER: The purpose and content of this video is to […]

We talk about aquarium Co2 diffusion and all the options you have for diffusion Co2 into your planted aquarium. Part 5 in the Ultimate Aquarium Co2 Guide for planted tanks. Products (Affiliate Links) LILY PIPES ⭐ Glass Lily Pipe Outflow – ⭐ Glass Lily Pipe Spin Outflow – ⭐ Glass Poppy Pipe Outflow […]

Decided to add the diffusers to my radions and give my 2 cents on them

Our latest NEW Inline CO2Art Diffuser review by Pavol Kulanda – 12/16mm Diffuser Available Now: 16/22mm Diffuser Available Now:

Unboxing and setting up my new GLA atomic co2 Inline diffuser. My plants began to pearl about two hours after its installation.

API CO2 Booster Review API CO2 booster is a product designed to replace gaseous CO2 in your aquarium and promote growth of aquarium plants. In this video I discuss my opinion of API CO2 booster and its effects on aquarium plants. BUY CO2 BOOSTER HERE (affiliate): SUPPORT ME ON PATREON: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: […]

Ista CO2 Starter Set is the cheapest CO2 diffuser kit I found on amazon. Since I have a planted aquarium I thought I should give this diffuser a try. Now this diffuser for planted aquarium has both pros and cons. Check the full review about this CO2 diffuser and know more about it. Like or […]

This week we do a full test of the new Ecotech Radion Diffuser, from assembly (easy), side by side comparison shot of our tank with and without the diffuser, and our final verdict on whether these are any good! The side by side shots really point out how the diffuser changes the lighting of the […]

Check out Unboxing & Review Product from Nazar Aquascape Custom (NAC) : – SKY CO2 Diffuser 23mm – MINI CO2 Diffuser 15mm – X-NANO Surface Skimmer – ACRILIC Maintenance Holder FOLLOW : Facebook : Nazar Tatto Instagram : @nazarnac Fans Page : Facebook : Google + : Twitter : Flickr : […]

The long awaited “How to” on setting up a Co2 tank & regulator for your aquariums. Get your planted tanks growing lush a lot faster.

How To Set Up CO2 In An Aquarium!!!! Today I’m finally going to be trying out CO2 in my 55-gallon planted aquarium. Special thanks to Aquatek of California for making this happen. Make sure to check out their products listed below. Aquatek of California ==================== Subscribe ➔ Merch ➔ Get 10% Off […]

A basic guide on how to set up a pressurised CO2 kit for a planted aquarium aquascape. The best way to grow aquatic plants faster is to add carbon dioxide via a pressurised CO2 system like this. Follow my aquascaping journey… Instagram Facebook Twitter UKAPS (superb resource for hobbyists) KEEP ON […]

A review of the Fluval Co2 20g system and how it works! An easy way to supply co2 to the small planted aquarium and tank Buy a Fluval co2 20g system today! (Affiliate) ✅ Fluval co2 20g: ✅ 16g Threaded CO2 Cartridges 6-Pack: ✅ Mosa 16 Gram Co2 (Pack of 30): ✅ […]

Get the ultimate DIY handbook ► Stay in touch ► Fish gasping at the surface during a power outage? This is how you can make your own PURE oxygen and save their lives! uarujoey thekingofdiy Make your own aquarium heater: Build a protein skimmer: Build a DIY aquarium top off: […]

In this week’s episode of BRStv Investigates, Ryan takes an in-depth look at the EcoTech Marine Radion XR15 G4 LEDs! He shows you PAR output, gives mounting recommendations and provides you with tips to light your tank with this high quality LED fixture. We even have a surprise of what may be coming in the […]

Aquatic expert Tom Sarac provides an explanation of how and why you can benefit from adding a CO2 system to your planted freshwater aquarium. Learn more about CO2 injections:

Should you have an airs tone in your aquarium. If you want to put an air stone in your tank get some now. Follow me on Instagram @mass_aquariums Support on Patreon: Check out our NEW E-commerce Store: NEW MAB FISH FOODS! PLUS MASS Aquariums MERCHANDISE! Click that link and get your own T-Shirt […]

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