How I Bio media Filter! Aquarium filter setup! Coop Affiliate: Patreon Page: Website: Amazon Store: Wishlist: – The Aquaclear is still the best aquarium filter as far as hang on back filters go. But it’s three times the cost as a penguin filter. Here is a link: Aquaclear 110 Filter: Additional Fish talk: I know rainbows need to be kept in a school, but can it be a mixed […]

A detailed break down and review on the Hydra internal filters by Ocean Free. Including the Hydra Nano Plus, Hydra 20, Hydra 30, Hydra 40 and Hydra 50 filters. Link to Hydro-Pure Technology.. • Follow Me On Other Social Media Platforms • Instagram ► ◄ Facebook ► ◄ Twitter ► ◄ […]

50 and 100 watt heater 150 watt Heater: be sure to click on the %5 off coupon Stumbled upon this aquarium heater and I believe it is great value for the money! The aquarium heater is smart and will turn off if it detects that the unit is out of water. The heater […]

Are you looking for the Best Aquarium Heater. We spent hours to find out the Best Aquarium Heater for you and create a review video. In this video review you will find the top products list, what is the feature of these products and why you should buy it. Our dedicated team research web and […]

Unboxing and setting up my new GLA atomic co2 Inline diffuser. My plants began to pearl about two hours after its installation.

I often get asked about having an air pump in an aquarium. In this video I share a few reasons why an air pump in your fish tank will benefit you. New Videos Twice Per Week (Wednesdays & Sundays)! Subscribe: Instagram: Facebook: Website: Please Support via Patreon: Email: follow the […]

Follow me on FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM Dear People, Greetings for the day… This video is for knowledge purpose and and it is done in my own experience and kindly support us for more… I did a voice mistake in this video like for Submersible heater I mentioned submersible filter and also kindly notice that […]

Hy you are watching the top 5 best Aquarium Heaters reviews video. Expecting it can help you to select the best Aquarium Heaters. you can share it if you think it’s helpful for your friends. don’t forget to subscribe us. Check details below : 1.Tetra HT Submersible Aquarium Heater 2.Aqueon Pro Heater Aquarium Heater […]

I unbox the aqua culture 5 gallon led aquarium kit from walmart. It was about $30. Thanks for watching:)

This artificial wreck is made of floral foam (styromoam for flowers) coated with cement. Subscribe : You can make it yourself at home using other styrofoam. Noteworthy is to balance the weight of cement and styrofoam so that when it is placed in the tank it is not floating. This ship can be used […]

Link to Nicrew LED Deluxe:

Review of my beamswork lights -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: “Fitness Vlog 01 | Deadlifting” -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

We had to change filters on the 75 gallon turtle tank and went with the Fluval U3. It’s a great filter so far! It does really well even though it’s a little under sized. Like, comment, and subscribe!

The Marina Floating Thermometer with Suction Cup secures to any fish tank to help monitor the temperature of the water. The easy-to-read thermometer highlights the “safe zone” in green. Check out this review and many more on Review Nebula:

I bought this Aqueon 65gallon ensemble from PetSmart and less than 60 days after owning it, it developed a leak. After reading the reviews online, I see that many others have had the same experience. I believe Aqueon may have had manufacturing issues for these tanks from 2016-present. PetSmart’s Exchange/Return policy (60days) is good and […]

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Beamswork Planted Tank Aquarium LED light review. It performs similar to a Finnex Stingray but it is cheaper. Buy it here: If you’ve enjoyed this video and haven’t already subscribed to our channel, please click that subscribe button now.

Welcome to the world of algea bloom. Kristi has been taking care of our fish tank for the past 10 years and has had success with the fish population. Recently we noticed our water was green and foggy. We tried 3 water changes. First change was 2/3 second 1/3 and 3rd time was 1/2 the […]

Hello Everyone, You can find the Marineland 350 here (affiliate link): You can find the Aquaclear 70 here (affiliate link): Bulk Filter Floss (Affiliate Link): In this video we compare the Marineland Penguin 350 vs the Aquaclear 70. Feel free to share your thoughts on each of the filters if you have […]

Keynice digital thermometer

This is a review of my Top Fin Essentials 37 Gallon Aquarium Kit from PetSmart. I get into detail about the kit itself including contents, modifications I did to the tank as well as the stand I chose for it. I made a mistake and said my light was on for 10 hours (11am-11pm), I […]

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